Soccer Cleats Sizing And Fit Requirements

Whether you are shopping for your first pair or a new pair of soccer cleats, it is important to get the sizing right. After all, soccer is mostly played with your feet. You need your feet to be taken care of.

The Fit

To begin with, let’s go over what the fit of soccer cleats should really look like. A soccer cleat should fit tightly or snugly. It should not hurt your foot, however.

You should still have plenty of circulation and movement in your feet, so if they are not comfortable, the fit isn’t right.

Soccer cleats do not automatically use the same sizing as your street shoe size. Part of this is that you should be sizing down to get that snug fit. Having a tight fit means that you will be able to feel the ball better and have more control over your feet.

While you want them to be snug, your toes should not be able to touch the end of the cleat. The gap should be around a quarter of an inch to fit well. You need the extra room for the movement of your toes as well as to accommodate any swelling of the feet during a game.

In kids, you will naturally want a little more of a gap at the end of the cleat to account for growth throughout a season or two.


It is important that we also address the role that foot width plays in soccer. Soccer cleats are designed to be narrow and, as a result, many of the cleats are too narrow for wide feet to wear. Luckily, you can still get best soccer cleats for wide feet if you know what to look for.

Soccer cleats generally only come in one width as well, so your options might be limited if you have wide feet. When you are shopping for wide width cleats, you will need to determine whether they are still snug on your feet.

Measuring Your Foot

When you are shopping for soccer cleats, ideally you would got to the store and try on a pair or two before paying. That said, not all stores are going to have exactly the right shoes and sizing that you are looking for.

When this happens, you might need to order online, but that takes away the ability to check sizing as you try them on.

To be able to order the right size of shoe online, you will need to measure your foot. You can do this by standing on a piece of paper and tracing all around your foot.

Then measure the draining with a ruler to get your foot’s measurements. Then you can compare it to the size guides that every manufacture supplies.

Cleat Material

The material that your cleats are made out of also can impact the fit of your soccer cleats. The two primary materials that cleats are made out of are leather and synthetic. Synthetic materials are man-made and are normally a composition of some kind of plastic.

Leather material is nice, because it is more durable than the synthetic materials are, and it will shape better to your feet the more you wear it. On the minus side, you do need to break this kind of shoe in and it will need to be a bit snug to begin with to account for the natural stretching that will occur.

Meanwhile, synthetic materials are less likely to stretch and will maintain the shape they had when you bought them. This means that the fit needs to be perfect to begin with. These cleats are less breathable and more waterproof than leather cleats and are likely to be easier on the budget than leather cleats.

Also, don't forget to clean your soccer cleats at least once a week.


When you are going through the process of getting the right fit for your soccer cleats, you should also be using the same socks that you will be wearing when you play.

This is because soccer socks can be thicker than regular socks and you will not be able to tell whether the sizing is just right if you are not wearing them. Some players even wear two pairs of socks at once, so be sure to wear the socks just as you would during practice or a game when you are trying them on.


There are quite a few different brands of soccer cleats that you can choose from. The more expensive brands are typically the most durable, but if you are shopping for a child, it is less likely to matter. Regardless of the brand, you need cleats that fit your feet well.

When you are looking at size charts, remember that every brand has its own sizing chart and you should only follow it if you are ordering a certain brand online. If you are shopping within a store, instead of going off of a guide, you should go off of how the cleat fits your foot.

Always be sure that your soccer cleats fit you well and are comfortable. Soccer cleats that are sized properly and that fit well can be the difference between a great performance and a disastrous performance on the field.

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