8 Most Comfortable Tactical Boots (2020) – Military & Police Boots

Tactical boots, also known as heavy-duty shoes, are usually made for challenging circumstances as they offer better stance and agility for the wearer.

Public safety workers, people who love thick shoes, as well as law enforcement officers, ought to wear the most comfortable tactical boots.

However, not choosing the right boots to buy could be a problem, as sometimes, the wrong boots, either through their size or rough materials, cause blisters and make the wearer uncomfortable.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the most comfortable police boots, you should look out for those that are lightweight, provide ample support with their midsoles offering plenty of cushion and an Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) property.

EVA is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials that are like rubber in softness and flexibility.

8 Most Comfortable Tactical Boots (2020) 





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1. Bates 8 Ultralite

Editor's Choice




2. Oakley Light Assault

High Performance




3. Under Armour Stellar

Budget Friendly

Medium - High



4. Reebok Rapid Response

Extra Durable




5. Smith & Wesson Breach

For Wide Feet




6. Danner Prowess

For Women




7. NORTIV 8 Tactical Boot




8. Under Armour Valsetz




1. Bates Ultralite Tactical Boots

Most Comfortable Tactical Boots (Editor's Choice)

The Bates Men's Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Military Boot is one of the most comfortable duty boots. Here, lightweight meets durability in the Tactical Sport UltraLite.


This boot is designed with a side zipper, and the moisture-wicking lining keeps your feet cool and comfortable while the removable interior cushion applies contours to your foot. It has a composite toe feature, and its color is mainly black.

The lightweight rubber outsole on this shoe is slip-resistant and oil-resistant, making it the most comfortable tactical boots.

Since it is built to last, the deep lugs on the outsole give you a firm grip that you can count on even in the roughest conditions.


This Ultralite Military boot is considered the most comfortable duty boots as it provides a Bates dry guard waterproof protection that can keep you going all shift long.

It performs favorably with its built-in lightweight midsole, exterior performance nylon attached to the durable leather. And then the side zipper that makes it easy to kick them off or quickly put them on.

The primary Bates dry guard feature offers full waterproof technology while still breathable to keep your feet cool and comfortable for more extended periods.

It may not be waterproof, but it offers protection against rain. When you wear it, water won't touch your feet because of the unique Bates dry guard's waterproof feature. However, you may want to consider wearing a waterproof sock.

  • Has side zip for quick on and off
  • Comes with a Bates Dry guard waterproofing feature
  • Lightweight
  • It is comfortable
  • Blocks out the rain
  • We didn't find any!

2. Oakley Light Assault Tactical Boots

High Performance

Oakley is one brand that doesn't disappoint when it comes to being a collector of fashion items. The Oakley Light Assault Boots are also a top choice for the most comfortable duty boots.

They are made for easy mobility and to protect the feet and are one of the most comfortable police boots for training and are ideal for other kinds of outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

The Oakley Men's Light Assault Boot 2 is made for easy movement and foot speed.


It is about 8 inches high with a molded EVA inserted in its interior and slips-resistant Rubber Outsole.

This tactical boot is designed to take on any adventure as it is made of leather and synthetic. The closure type is laced up, and the laces are finished with rugged and durable nylon.

Also, It comes in colors like the coyote, grey, and black.


When it comes to the performance of the Oakley Men's Light Assault, the typical problems usually experienced with other massive boot types aren't recognized here.

For starters, the lightness of this boot doesn't make it feel like a boot once worn.  Since it is built for mobility and protection in mind, Light Assault has an EVA midsole and outsole that helps you move naturally with your foot while providing plush shock absorption.

It also comes with a breathable synthetic upper that offers lasting ventilated comfort and a soft toe.

  • Laces are well finished
  • The laces can stand up to rough wear
  • It is lightweight
  • Can be worn on and off duty
  • It is super breathable for the feet
  • Men's Light Assault doesn't provide enough cushion

3. Under Armour Stellar Tactical Boots

Budget Friendly

The Under Armour Men's Stellar boot from Under Armour's collection is one of the most comfortable duty boots because of the ease it gives to the feet. You can wear it all day, stand for hours, and still feel the comfort of ample support.

It is ideal for wet environments, and this Stellar Boot features Under Armour's exclusive Storm technology for undaunted water-shedding action.


Under Armour Men's Stellar are 100% leather and textile-woven, with its leather having synthetic construction. Its sole material, which is rubber, offers protection to the feet even when it comes across water.

Its shaft is ankle-high, and it comes in just black.


The most comfortable military boots are those that are built of water-repellent leather and nylon. They can dry quickly as they can stand up to inclement weather.

Its performance can be linked to its peculiar features that include the low profile rubber lug sole, polishable toe, Storm I and DWR treatment (Durable Water Resistant), the OrthoLite liner for comfort, and the molded EVA for an enhanced fit.

The boot comes with a polishable toe and a simple design. Also, there is an anti-odor technology that is applied to prevent odor from staying in the boot.

Most importantly, Under Armour has a molded EVA midsole with an extra lightweight design that is long-lasting and resistant to splitting. It is one of the most comfortable duty boots to walk in and can be worn on and off duty.

  • It is durable
  • Has extra thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outsole materials
  • The extra TPU protects and supports the outsole from abrasion, oil, and chemicals that may cause breakage
  • Its anti-odor tech feature reduces the risk of interior splitting
  • Uses standard cleaning methods
  • It takes a long time to shine when you polish it

4. Reebok Rapid Response Police Boots

Extra Durable

The Reebok Work Men's Rapid Response RB 8 work boot offers plenty of traction and comfort. It gives the best of both, so you are ready for anything in case of emergencies and spontaneous or impromptu events, as the name implies.

Reebok Rapid Response RB is a field-proven tactical boot with advanced comfort technology and durability for modern first responders, law enforcement officers, and military professionals. The leather and ballistic nylon upper is resilient enough for rugged terrain and urban landscape


Reebok Rapid Response is made of Suede Leather, and its outsole material is rubber. Its shaft goes to reach the mid-calf region.

The boot has a Taile and Cambrelle lining with a Cushion EVA midsole and mountain trail sole bottom outsole.

There are a quiet, flexible side zipper and a shock eliminator heel plug. Also, It has a color variation of black and tan, and a traditional lace-up design.


The lace-up design of Reebok Rapid Response gives the wearer a secure fit, and the side zipper has a hook-and-loop strap for easy on and off.

Due to the padded tongue and collar for added comfort, Reebok Rapid Response provides excellent breathability that contributes to the ease with the additional nylon mesh lining.

Also, the cushioned EVA midsole offers supportive, all-day comfort and gives an extra-wide toe for a roomier fit.

These police boots have a mountain trail rubber outsole with oil, slip, heat, chemical, and abrasion resistance.

  • Has electrical hazard protection
  • Provides heel pads and a moisture absorbing fabric covering
  • It has a quick access side zipper
  • Provides deep carpet cushioning when you may have to stand for long hours
  • It is lightweight

5. Smiths & Wesson Breach 2.0 Tactical Boots

Smith and Wesson is a brand that creates high-quality tactical boots for men. This Breach 2.0 is a shoe that fits wide feet perfectly and promises to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the time of usage.

Much attention was paid in detail to create shoes that will protect your feet and make you look good.


With this shoe, Smiths and Wesson paid attention to design, as it is both practical and attractive in one piece.

This shiny nylon and leather shoe is created with two closures, lace-up in front and zip up on a side, making it not only practical but also stylish.

It is available in two colors, that is black and brown. These two colors give it a mysteriously dark and attractive look.

With a foam padded collar, Men Breach 2.0 feels soft and pleasant all through the duration of wear.


The zip-up closure of these boots makes it easier to pull off and put on without stress, while the lace-up gives it a secure and snug-fitting.

These boots are made of waterproof material and are suitable for both dry and wet conditions.

It also has a gusseted tongue to help prevent dirt from finding its way into the shoe and a steel shank to give the wearer generous support.

The Eva midsole makes this boot comfortable, while the rubber outsole makes it durable and slip-free.

  • Can be worn in all kinds of weather
  • It is waterproof and easy to clean
  • Has zip-up closure for easy removal and wearing
  • Gusseted tongue to keep the insides clean
  • Breathable and suitable for those with sweaty feet
  • Available in only two colors

6. Danner Prowess Military And Tactical Boots

For Women

Danner has built these lightweight tactical boots exclusively for females and has included sizes suitable for wide feet.

This shoe has a lot of features and specifications to keep the wearer protected and comfortable. It might be the first women boot from danger, but a lot of attention has gone into making it a great option.


Danner Women's Prowess is a combination of textile and leather, with leather covering most of the shoe and textile just by the sides. Also, the polishable toe front will not only meet uniform requirements but keep the boots sparkling whenever it is needed.

It is a lace closure shoe that helps give a snug fitting to the wearer, and with a side zipper to make a slip on and slip off easier.

You can find this shoe in only one color, and that is black.

The Danner Women Prowess boots give the owner an athletic look and have been designed to fit the silhouette of a woman’s feet.


This high-performance shoe has features that make it a perfect option for different intense purposes.

It is created with a  breathable mesh lining to make it comfortable and prevent sweating. Its EVA midsole is made to give your feet all the cushioning that it needs.

The boot's Tanicus outsole also gives it a good grip and makes it suitable for various surfaces and terrains.

  • It is durable
  • Has a polishable toe
  • The breathable fabric makes it an excellent option for sweaty feet
  • Can be used on different surfaces
  • Easy slip-on and slip off due to side zip
  • It is not waterproof

7. NORTIV 8 Military Tactical Boots

NORTIV 8 offers not only protection but also convenience and durability. This shoe is made for men in the force to enjoy comfort while carrying out their duties.

Its design and features have been made to create stability with this high-quality footwear. Getting this shoe means that you have a pair for outdoor and indoor activities, including cycling and hiking.


This shoe brings together comfort and practicality with its high ankle protection wraps that protect the ankle from injuries.

The hook strap closure gives the wearer a great fitting, while the side zip makes it easy for the shoes to come on and off.

With breathable fabric, NORTIV 8 has been made to keep your feet cool and dry. The high abrasion-resistant leather gives a beautiful outlook while making the shoe durable and protecting it from wear and tear.

It is also available in multiple colors, including black, sand, and dark grey.


With these boots, you get a vital 3-sole system. There is a removable shock-absorbent insole that provides cushioning when in use. A flexible EV midsole that reduces fatigue and makes the shoe extra comfortable, and a non-slip rubber outsole that makes this shoe practical for different outdoor trains.

Its heel measures up to 1.5 inches, and it is a waterproof shoe suitable for various outdoor and indoor conditions.

  • Breathable fabric and an excellent option for sweaty feet
  • Very durable
  • Non-slip outsole making it suitable for various terrains
  • An excellent outdoor and indoor shoe
  • It is a waterproof shoe
  • May require a break-in period

8. Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots

This Under Armour Men's boot is built for stressful conditions. When you get this shoe, you know that you've got one that will last you for a long time.

It has become popular as a great option when people go in search of military and tactical boots because they create variant sizes, including options for wide feet

Its design and specifications can give the wearer the comfort of a running shoe while providing stability and protection for other activities.


This lightweight shoe is made of durable synthetic leather and high-quality textile. It comes with a lace closure that ensures they are firmly secured around the wearer’s feet and a side zipper for comfortable wearing and removal.

It is available in only one black color, giving it a serious and authoritative look suitable for police and military men.

It also has a clutch fit ankle support system that hugs your ankle and protects it from scratches and other injuries.


Apart from design, this shoe has various features that guarantee high performance. It comes with a TPU toe cap protection to protect your toes from injuries.

There is also the anti-odor addition to the sock liner, which prevents foul odor growth in the shoe's insides. This is very practical as these boots are sometimes worn for an extended period.

Ultralight Micro G Eva midsole is included to give the wearer extra cushion. Simultaneously, the outsole is made of high traction rubber, making it an excellent fit for different conditions and terrains.

  • Anti-odor technology added to ward off foul odor from the shoe
  • Waterproof boots
  • Durable
  • Suitable for various weather conditions and terrain
  • Easy to slip on and slip off due to side zipper
  • Available in only one color

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Most Comfortable Police Boots

Most Comfortable Police Boots Features


The first thing to be considered when looking for the most comfortable police boots is how they are constructed.

You should look out for the materials that are used in making the outer part of the boots. If the material is of good or high quality, then the longer it will last.

The durability, as well as abrasion-resistance of the material, should be considered. This is because some tactical boot materials are more abrasive than others. 

You should consider the materials used in the making of police boots to determine if it will suit your job demands. Although an abrasion-resistant material is not an issue for a police boot, it could be for a forest ranger.


Although all the boots reviewed in this article are comfortable, comfort also includes weight, breathability, flexibility, and support.

When you go to buy tactical boots, factors such as support and protection should be put together to decide if a boot would be comfortable enough for you or not.

You should go for flexible boots in giving ample support and protecting your feet against blisters by providing a smooth landing. 

Support & Protection 

Having a boot that allows your feet to move too freely in it may give way to injury. However, with the right boot features that offer support and protection, your foot will be more comfortable.

Knowing the police boot features and what to look out for when checking for support is essential. These features include molded midsoles, lacing, reinforced toe areas, puncture-proof soles, and the boot having a cut-resistant material.

With the above, you have all the support and protection that keep your feet free of injuries.

You may not find all of these features in one boot, but if you see two or three of them in a pair of police boots, then it's a huge bonus.

Boot Height & Flexibility

Lower height police boots tend to give you more freedom of movement but often have less support, whereas the higher tactical boots tend to offer less freedom of movement but add more support to the ankle area.

Your foot and kind of job should help to decide what type of police boot heights to choose. Individual foot and job needs should be the deciding factor in what boots heights you choose.

For flexibility, how comfortable the boot is on your feet should be the deciding factor. If you are satisfied with the boot on your feet and off duty, it can work.

Waterproofing & Stay Dry Lining

You may want to go for police boots that are water-resistant rather than waterproof. Finding waterproof boots can be quite tricky, and when you see, it may take away the boots' ability to perform and its comfort.

Ultimately waterproofed boots may not be suitable as they may have been tampered with. Therefore, heavy-duty boots that have a water-resistant feature should be considered.

Linings of boots, mainly tactical boots, help keep the moisture away. Be on the lookout for moisture-wicking materials as they will also keep your feet dry and allow it to breathe. 

Final Words

Bates Men's 8" Ultralite are the most comfortable tactical boots, as it is comfortable, offers support and protection with its molded midsoles, and has its lining made of moisture-wicking materials.

For women, Danner Women's Prowess is the most comfortable police boots because it is well-constructed, provides support, and is flexible when on and off duty.

For lovers of boots and law enforcement officers, these boots are made to serve you, and the cool thing is that they can be worn on and off duty.

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