8 Most Comfortable Snowboard Boots (2020) – Men’s & Women’s

If you have any hopes of riding down the mountain for an entire day, you will need to make sure that you are wearing the most comfortable snowboard boots that you can.

Sore feet will never help you improve your abilities and make you a better rider.

When starting the search for snowboard boots, you will need to consider several factors, including whether the boots are men’s or women’s, what their comfort features are, and what you should be able to expect from the boots.

Remember that when you are shopping for snowboard boots, you will need to make sure that they fit you well and have all of the features that you need to be safe on the mountain.

8 Most Comfortable Snowboard Boots (2020)


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1. Burton Photon

Editor's Choice (Men)




2. Burton Felix

Editor's Choice (Women)




3. K2 Maysis Boots

Budget Friendly




4. ThirtyTwo Lashed

Budget Friendly




5. Burton SLX Boots

High Performance




6. Burton Limelight 

High Performance




7. DC Travis Rise




8. Salomon Kiana Focus




1. Burton Photon Boa Snowboard Boots

Most Comfortable Snowboard Boots For Men (Editor's Choice)

Comfort matters a lot when it comes to your snowboard boots. This is why we have chosen the Burton Photon Boa Snowboard Boots as the most comfortable snowboard boots for men. They are designed for comfort and warmth, making them a perfect choice.


The comfort design of the Photon Boa boots starts with their Total Comfort Construction. This feature means that the boots are broken in right when you take them out of the box. There is no long break-in period.

They also have an Imprint 3 Liner DryHIDE Heat Cycle Lining. This is an interface system that molds around your boot with an antimicrobial coating. They are heat moldable as well, so you can get an even better fit.

The sole is a VibramEcoStep as well, which is made up of 30 percent recycled materials. It also has excellent traction with its rubber spikes without weighing down the boots. Combined with the gel heel and toe and you have some incredibly comfortable boots.


The Photon Boa boots have a stiff flex of 7. This means that they are best-suited for aggressive snowboarders who really need quick engagement and need to have complete control over their speed.

The lacing system of these boots is a Dual Zone Boa System with Coiler Technology. The Coiler spool gives a route for your laces and they have a quick and easy function of lacing up.

  • PowerUpTongue
  • GripLITE Backstay
  • Imprint 3 Liner
  • Comfort Construction
  • DryRide Heat Cycle Lining
  • We didn't find any!

2. Burton Felix Boa Snowboard Boots

Most Comfortable Snowboard Boots For Women (Editor's Choice)

If you are looking more for the most comfortable snowboard boots for women, we recommend the Burton Felix Boa boots. These are incredibly comfortable with all of the features that you would want to have.


The design of the Felix boots is really all about comfort. The footbed is made out of a sleeping bag reflective foil, keeping your feet warm by reflecting your heat back to you. It improves the overall comfort and warmth that you will get from these boots is incredibly.

They also have a women’s specific True Fit design, meaning that the boots were really made for the needs of women’s feet.

The Imprint 3 Liner within these boots also improves the overall comfort of the boots, since they will mold as if they were made for your feet. The PowerUp Tongue also helps to give you a precise fit, though it might feel a little snug for some people.


Looking at the performance of the Felix boots, they have a flex rating of 6, which puts them right in the medium range.

They have a more playful and flexible feeling than a stiffer flex would have, putting them as the best choice for all-around riders rather than aggressive riders. The Boa lace system also makes it easy to get the best lacing possible.

  • Women’s Specific True Fit Design
  • Medium Flex PowerUp Tongue
  • Total Comfort Construction
  • Imprint 3 Liner
  • Dual Zone Boa System
  • The fit might feel a little too snug for some riders

3. K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots

Budget Friendly (Men)

You do not need to fork out a lot of money to get comfortable snowboard boots. The perfect snowboard boots for men on a budget is the K2 Maysis.


There are a lot of great design features with the K2 Maysis boots including an articulating cuff that improves the overall fit of the boots. The boots also have cored ankle pockets that also help with the comfort of the boots while giving you a nice amount of the support.

The best comfort feature that you will get with these snowboard boots is the Intuition Control Foam 3D, which is a blend of foam to provide you with a high level of comfort and support.

They do run a little on the wider side of things, so if you are looking for a snug boot or if you have more narrow feet, these might not be ideal.


When you look at the performance for the K2 Maysis boots, you will see that they have a flex rating of 7. This is in the higher range, making them best for more intermediate to advanced riders.

They will be a little too stiff for newer riders, but might not be stiff enough for the elite-level riders out there. These also use a double reel Boa system that will help give you a precision fit.

  • Endo 2.0 Construction
  • Rubber Reinforced Articulating Cuff Upper
  • Double reel Boa system
  • Intuition Control Foam 3D Liner
  • Boa Conda Liner Lacing
  • They run wider than standard snowboard boots

4. ThirtyTwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

Budget Friendly (Women)

If you are looking for comfortable snowboard boots that are budget friendly for women, we recommend the thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard boots. These are comfortable, heat moldable, and have a nice middle-of-the-road level of flex.


When we look at the design of the Lashed boots, let’s start with their cuff. They use a Cozy Cuff that has been articulated to eliminate the risk of any shell distortion. The liner is heat moldable as well with its dual-density intuition foam.

The comfort of these boots is further enhanced by the supportive fit that you will get from the Performance Backstay. You run no risk of rolling an ankle with these boots, giving you the stability that you really need out on the snow, weather its hard-pack or fresh powder.


When we look at the performance for the Lashed boots, we must look at the flex rating. These boots have a flex rating of 6, which puts them almost in the middle as far as ability-level goes. They would be appropriate for intermediate to advanced riders.

That said, snowboarder Desiree Melancon prefers these boots for her rides, so you know that they can be pro-level as well.

These boots do not use the boa lacing system, but instead have the traditional lacing system in place, which is not quite as precision fit.

  • 3D Molded Tongue
  • Supportive Fit
  • Heat moldable
  • Cozy cuff
  • Reliable
  • They use the traditional lacing system, which is just not as nice as the boa systems

5. Burton SLX Snowboard Boots

High Performance (Men)

More advanced or aggressive riders will be looking for the best high performance men’s snowboard boots that are also comfortable. Our choice is the Burton SLX boots. These are going to be able to do their job for you out on the snow.


These boots are really made to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. They have a Total Comfort Construction, which means that they are made to have broken-in feeling right when you take them out of the box.

They are also supposed to not breakdown as time goes on, ensuring that you will get the same feeling from them whether it is your first day out with them or it is your 200th day with them. They are not likely to wear out on you quickly.

The SLX boots also use the SpeedZone lacing system, which is a quick way to get your boots laced up and to get you out on the snow.


The flex level of the SLX boots is a 7, which puts them into the intermediate to advanced level of riders. They do work well for aggressive riders who are looking for quick edge engagement.

The performance of the boots is further improved by the PowerUp tongue. This dual-density material is good for rebound and durability, making it much easier to wear these boots for long periods of time.

  • VibramXWing Outsoles
  • LIFE+ Liners
  • DryRide Heat Cycle Lining
  • Total Comfort Construction
  • Firm Flex PowerUP Tongue
  • We didn't find any!

6. Burton Limelight Boa Heat Snowboard Boots

High Performance (Women)

Women’s snowboard boots will fit women’s anatomy better than men’s. The best budget friendly snowboard boots for women are the Burton Limelight Boa Heat snowboard boots.

These boots have some of the newest technology that you can get from snowboard boots.


Let’s start with the nicest design feature that you will get with these boots. They come with three built-in temperature settings with a built-in control. You will not have to worry about cold toes when you wear these boots at all.

They are also rechargeable and have a lithium-ion battery that is removable. The toaster liner has an active heat technology. This is specifically engineered to prevent your feet from getting cold. The battery itself should last between four to eight hours and it should recharge within a few hours.


When we look at the performance for the Limelight boots, it is important to note that they have a flex rating of 5.

This is a nice middle flex rating, making these boots most appropriate for all-around riders who like to play and have a little more fun out on the snow. With this level of a flex rating, these would be good for intermediate to advanced riders.

The Limelight boots also have the Boa lace system and use the New England Rope Laces. These are practically indestructible.

  • Three temperature settings
  • DynoGRIP Outsole
  • Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil
  • Lightweight
  • Boa lace system

7. DC Travis Rice Boa Snowboard Boots

If you are on the hunt for snowboard boots that are comfortable and appropriate for more elite riders, we suggest the DC Travis Rice Boa snowboard boots.


There are a lot of excellent design features with the Trace Race snowboard boots, including the anti-drag outsoles.

These will give you a catch-free ride on the snow, so you will not get hung up on any kind of harder descents. The boots were designed after the design preferences of rider Travis Rice. The sole is made up of a blend of durable rubber and Unilite.

The boots also come with a black Aerotech Liner, which is excellent for moisture regulation. The temperature is also controlled through the liner that combines an EVA memory foam with a moldable EVA. As a result, your feet will be dry, warm, and well-cushioned for excellent overall comfort.


The Travis Rice snowboard boots have a flex rating of 9, which means that they are some of the stiffest snowboard boots out on the market. They will not work for anyone at less than an advanced level of skiing, but are most-appropriate for elite-level riders.

The boots do use a Boa lacing system and have a rear-entry strap binding style, making them easy to cinch down to the perfect level of support for your needs.

  • Anti-drag Outsoles
  • Black Aerotech Liner
  • 3M Thinsulate Liner
  • Boa Focus Closure System
  • Pro performance Aerotech Ventilation
  • The stiffness might not be comfortable for some

8. Salomon Kiana Focus Boa Snowboard Boots

The final pair of snowboard boots that we will recommend are the Salomon Kiana Focus Boa boots. These are comfortable boots designed for women specifically.


Let’s start with the design of the Kiana boots. They come with a comfort liner that wraps around your foot in a soft and welcoming hold. As a result, you will get an instant and sustainable amount of comfort. You do not need to worry about the boots suddenly becoming more uncomfortable or giving you a hard time.

The boots also come with an Ortholite C2 footbed, which is a dual-density insole that will mold easily around your feet. The outsole is a DAMPLite+, which will give you both grip on snowy surface while keeping all levels of dampness out of your boots.


When we look at the performance level of the Kiana boots, we will look at is its flex rating. It is a medium-stiff flex, making these most appropriate for riders who are at the intermediate to advanced level. They heel grip feature is part of the liner, but it means that your feet will be locked into place the entire time you wear the boots, increasing your control.

These boots use the Focus Boa lacing system, which is a quick and easy way to tighten your boots.

  • Boa lacing system
  • DAMPLite+ Outsole
  • Ortholite C2 Footbed
  • Comfort Liner
  • Heel Grip
  • Not the ideal choice for advanced riders

Things To Consider When Choosing The Most Comfortable Snowboard Boots

Comfortable Snowboard Boots Features

Sizing & Fit

The first factor to consider when choosing the most comfortable snowboard boots is the sizing and fit of the boots. They must fit snugly, so you can have more control over your board, but they should never be tight enough to cause you any discomfort.

Most boots will break in as you wear them as well, so keep that in mind. The boots should not feel loose when you try them on or you will be setting yourself up for foot pain, blisters, and a bad time out on the slopes. It is important to never go up in sizes.

Snowboard Boot Flex

Another incredibly important factor to look at when choosing your snowboard boots is the boot flex. The flex is how much the boot moves when you are putting downward pressure on it.

With snowboard boots, the range is on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the stiffest and least flexible. The more experienced snowboarders will opt for a higher flex, but these numbers would be much too stiff for a newer snowboarder.

Smaller-sized riders would also be happier with a lighter flex whereas larger people might prefer something a little bit more supportive. Advanced riders will use flexes from the mid-range up, so it is really personal preference. Getting the flex right is essential to your comfort within your boots.

Lacing Systems

The lacing system that your boots have also matters greatly. There are several, including:

  • Traditional: The standard lace up boots are reliable and the laces are replaceable, but hard to manage while wearing gloves.
  • Boa: Without a doubt the most popular style, boa laces use a dial to adjust the tightness. These are also called speed laces.
  • Double Boa: Instead of one dial, the double boa comes with two dials to help you adjust your boots.
  • Quick-Pull: These laces are a challenge to adjust, but do give you a custom fit.
  • Hybrid: The final kind of lacing system is a hybrid. These are nice, because you will have two methods of lacing, giving you a personalized fit.

Boot Liners

The liners of your boots also deserve attention when you are shopping for snowboard boots. The liners are in place to supply you with extra padding and warmth within your boots and they are essential to your comfort.

The liners will also affect how the boots fit your feet. Heat moldable liners are the best type of liner that you can get, since they will be able to mold around your foot and give you a custom fit. You can get custom liners as well, though they do cost more. Many boots come with excellent liners to start with, so check them out before buying.

Boot Footbeds

The final consideration that you should make is about the boot footbeds. This is the part of your boot that your feet stand on. While there are plenty of options out on the market for custom footbeds, you will be happier to buy boots that come with a comfortable footbed to begin with.

Look for the material that is used in the footbed, including EVA foam or moldable materials. If you can get a custom footbed, or cannot afford one, your boots might be even more comfortable, but it is not always necessary to go that route.

Men's vs Women's Snowboard Boots 

Women's Comfortable Snowboard Boots

It might be easy to think that men and women’s snowboard boots are interchangeable, but they are not entirely. Aesthetically, women’s boots will sometimes be in brighter colours, but the real different has to do with the anatomical fit of the boot.

Generally, women have a narrower heel than men do, making a snug fit with a men’s boot very difficult. They also take into account ankle differences, so you will get the amount of stability that you need. Women’s feet are also narrower generally, so men’s boots might be far too roomy to be comfortable and limit your control.

Final Words

Based on all of these excellent snowboard boots, it is difficult to crown only one as the clear winner of the most comfortable snowboard boots. Nonetheless, we have a winner for men’s and women’s snowboarding boots.

The winner for men’s boots is the Burton Photon Boa Snowboard Boots. These boots use a DryHIDE lining, which will keep your feet both dry and warm. The winner for women’s boots is the Burton Felix boots. These are designed to fit women’s feet specifically and will keep your feet dry as well as comfortable.

Whichever snowboard boots that you decide to go with, they need to keep your feet as dry and warm as possible.

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