How To Size And Fit Cowboy Boots For Wide Feet

Getting the fit right on your cowboy boots can be so important. Whether you are shopping for your first pair or your fiftieth pair of cowboy boots, you will want to be sure that you are buying a pair that will feet your feet perfectly. This can be especially daunting if you have wide feet.

Thankfully, it does not need to be a tricky task. We have some suggestions for you on how to size and to fit your cowboy boots.

If This Is Your First Pair

Before we dive in, we are just going to go over some information that you should know if you have never owned a pair of cowboy boots before. Best cowboy boots for wide feet are not the type of footwear that you should have to break in over time. 

They will gradually form to give you a better fit, but if they are not comfortable from the start, they are never going to be comfortable.

A good pair of cowboy boots will be comfortable from the first time that you put them on. If they are not, then they are not the right boots for you. Don’t try to make them work; you’ll only make your feet ache and find yourself annoyed that you paid any money for boots that will never work for you.

Cowboy Boot Sizing

Getting the sizing right on your cowboy boots is essential. The sizing is not just the length of your foot, but it is also the width of your foot, and even the shape of the boot. Even your calf size can come into play when trying to get the sizing right.

Different boot brands have different sizing and different shapes. It would be easier of course if you could just walk into a store and pick up the first pair of cowboy boots that you see. But shopping is not going to be that easy.

There are four primary focuses to look at when it comes to fit. They are:

  • Toebox: The toebox is the front of your boot that your toes rest in. It is normally hard and unlikely to stretch much as it would wear out quickly. Fit-wise, you should be able to wiggle your toes in the toebox.

    You also should not feel the end of the boot with the tip of your toes, but instead leave a small space. You should also not feel any amount of pressure down upon your nails. This will cause injury and increases the risk of you losing your toenails.

  • Instep: The instep of the boot should fit the shape of your foot. This means there should be a comfortable spot for the ball of your foot to rest while keeping some support for the rest of your foot.

    The amount of cushion that the instep has can vary from boot to boot, but you should aim to get the right comfort level for your needs. Your boot should not feel tight here, but instead snug and comfortable. This is also where the width of your boots come into play.

    They should fit well across your instep. If your foot feels strangled, your boots are too narrow.

  • Heel: You also need to think about how the boot is fitting around your heel. Your heel should not be slipping and sliding within the boot or you are likely to get blisters.

    When you are walking in the cowboy boots for the first time, your heel must move away from the sole slightly, not more than a finger’s width. If it is coming up higher, the boots are too big. If there is none, the boots are too tight and will be uncomfortable.

  • Calf: The way that the boot fits around your calf should also be a consideration in sizing. If you have large or muscular calves, getting boots to fit them well can sometimes be a challenge.

    Do not get boots that you will have to force over your calves, however, because they will never be comfortable for you. The boot will stretch a little over time, but if you have to force your calf to fit, they might be too snug for your comfort level.

Keep in mind as well that cowboy boots are not easy to slip into on the first try. Boots that fit you well will require a little tug to get them on, but once they are on, they should be really comfortable to wear.

All shoes have a little bit of break in time, cowboy boots included, but they should not be causing you pain. Never try to squeeze your feet in cowboy boots that are too small. You will only make yourself unhappy and your feet will be very uncomfortable in the long run.

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