How Should Tennis Shoes Fit?

Tennis Shoes Fit

Whether you’re on the court training every day or you only lace up for your Sunday morning Country Club matches, you still need to take the time (and money) to focus on your equipment. Although you might not be a professional player, having a pair of tennis shoes that fit you just right can help you … Read more

Bauer And CCM Wide Skate Lines

Bauer And CCM Wide Skates

Both Bauer and CCM have shown that they make hockey skates with high levels of quality and performance. This also extends to the wider width hockey skates that are on the market.  They both have various lines on the market, but the lines that accommodate wider feet the best are the Bauer Nexus and CCM Super … Read more

Hockey Skates Sizing Guide

Hockey Skates Sizing

If your hockey skates do not fit you well, you will be in a world of trouble. Not only will your performance on the ice be affected, but you are more likely to receive an injury. Ill-fitting skates can also create bad habits on the ice as your feet compensate from the lack of fit. Here’s what … Read more

How To Clean Soccer Cleats

Soccer Cleats Cleaning

There are few things prettier than a brand new pair of soccer cleats, right out of the box. They are pristine and completely flawless.  Unfortunately, this state does not last long. It only takes one game to find them covered completely in dirt, mud, and even grass. Don’t despair, however, you can clean your soccer cleats and … Read more

Soccer Cleats Sizing And Fit Requirements

Soccer Cleats Sizing

Whether you are shopping for your first pair or a new pair of soccer cleats, it is important to get the sizing right. After all, soccer is mostly played with your feet. You need your feet to be taken care of.The FitTo begin with, let’s go over what the fit of soccer cleats should really … Read more

How To Break Into New Football Cleats

Breaking Into Football Cleats

Your cleats are without a doubt one of the most important pieces of equipment that you have out on the field. After all, your feet are what take you where you need to go. Whether your have wide football cleats or regular width football cleats, breaking into them is also incredibly important. When your cleats fit you … Read more

Different Types Of Football Cleats For Wide Feet

Football Cleats Types

Shopping for wide width football cleats can be frustrating at times, but it doesn’t have to be. There are different brands out there that specifically make cleats to fit players who have wider width feet. Wearing cleats that fit can make a huge difference in improving your performance on the field and taking your attention away … Read more

How To Size And Fit Cowboy Boots For Wide Feet

Cowboy Boots Sizing

Getting the fit right on your cowboy boots can be so important. Whether you are shopping for your first pair or your fiftieth pair of cowboy boots, you will want to be sure that you are buying a pair that will feet your feet perfectly. This can be especially daunting if you have wide feet. Thankfully, … Read more

Who Makes Extra Wide Golf Shoes?

Extra Wide Golf Shoes

Sometimes it seems impossible to find the right golf shoes for extra wide feet. Luckily there are some great golf brands out there that accommodate wider feet.  Taking into account the maker of golf shoes is just one part in shopping for them. You should also think about the material and even the lacing system … Read more

How To Size Golf Shoes (Golf Shoes Sizing)

Golf Shoes Sizing

Getting the right size for your golf shoes goes beyond simply walking in a shop and buying a pair. In fact, having the right fit for your shoes can make or break your golf game.How Golf Shoes Should FitNormally, golf shoes will have a more solid sole with spikes on the bottom to help you … Read more