5 Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (2022)

Best Hockey Skates For Wide_Feet

Skating with poorly fitted skates makes it impossible to fully pay attention to the game, causing discomfort and putting you at risk of injury. Unfortunately, players who have wide feet cannot just make do with any old pair of skates, but they need the best hockey skates for wide feet.Too often, wide-footed skaters shove their feet … Read more

Bauer And CCM Wide Skate Lines

Bauer And CCM Wide Skates

Both Bauer and CCM have shown that they make hockey skates with high levels of quality and performance. This also extends to the wider width hockey skates that are on the market.  They both have various lines on the market, but the lines that accommodate wider feet the best are the Bauer Nexus and CCM Super … Read more

Hockey Skates Sizing Guide

Hockey Skates Sizing

If your hockey skates do not fit you well, you will be in a world of trouble. Not only will your performance on the ice be affected, but you are more likely to receive an injury. Ill-fitting skates can also create bad habits on the ice as your feet compensate from the lack of fit. Here’s what … Read more