Different Types Of Football Cleats For Wide Feet

Shopping for wide width football cleats can be frustrating at times, but it doesn’t have to be. There are different brands out there that specifically make cleats to fit players who have wider width feet.

Wearing cleats that fit can make a huge difference in improving your performance on the field and taking your attention away from how your feet are feeling.

In a perfect world, you would wear cleats that are made for your feet, but since that isn’t really an option, you can look for cleats that will work for your feet.

Most football cleats are made for players with narrow or regular width feet, making it all the harder to find the right pair. Best football cleats for wide feet do exist, however.

Why Get Wide Cleats?

If you have been squeezing your wide feet into narrow shoes, you might be thinking that there is no real reason to get wide cleats. This is really not the case. Wearing wide cleats has many advantages for players with wide feet, including:

  • Better performance: When your shoes fit you right, you will move better on the field.
  • More comfortable: You will be thinking a lot less about your feet when they are wearing shoes that are made for them.
  • Fewer injuries: You will also be prone to fewer injuries when you are wearing shoes that are made for your feet. When your feet are on a stable platform, you will have more support, so less likely to roll your ankles.


Football Cleats Material

Let’s go over the type of material that wide width football cleats are made from.

  • Leather: This is the classic material that cleats are made from. It is known to be durable as well as comfortable. A good pair of leather cleats can last you for quite a while, keeping your feet as comfortable as possible.

    Because they are the better material, they are going to be more expensive than other materials. Leather is a porous material, so they are not entirely waterproof, but they are water resistant. Your feet might get a little wet, but they should not be completely soaked, unless it was pouring outside of course.

  • Synthetic: Synthetic cleats are made from man-made materials and typically a form of plastic. They are used in more modern football cleats, because they are less expensive and are lighter to wear.

    They will not hold up nearly as long as leather cleats will, but they are more waterproof since plastics are nonporous. But, on the flipside, your feet will not be able to breathe as well in them, because they are nonporous.

Either choice will work for players with wide feet. Leather will stretch over time to give you a perfect fit. Synthetic shoes will not, but there are plenty made specifically for wide feet.


The three primary cuts of football cleats are high, mid, and low. The height that you need usually depends on the position that you play as well as your personal preference.

When you are looking for football cleats for wide feet, however, you will find that the mid or low cut cleats are the most comfortable and high-tops are likely to be the least accommodating and most difficult to wear.

Sole Plate

The sole plate is the part of the shoe that sits under your foot. Many football cleats have a narrower sole plate naturally, which can be difficult for players with wider feet to deal with.

If the sole plate is too narrow, you will lose out on stability and comfort. Your feet could still fit inside of the upper part of the shoe, but if the sole isn’t wide enough, the cleats are still not going to work for you.

Bottom Line

There are the same types of football cleats for wide feet as there are for regular width feet. Some types will work better for wide feet, however.

The material that you choose is mostly based on the amount of time you are willing to give to break them in.

Just make sure that you have cleats that fit your feet well and you will reduce your risk of injury while improving your overall performance on the field.

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