5 Best Wrestling Shoes For Wide Feet (2022) – Wide Wrestling Shoes

Having a good pair of wrestling shoes can make or break a match for you since it often determines if you can turn on a dime and pin your opponent.

But with all the different brands and shoes available, it's incredibly difficult to find the best wrestling shoes for wide feet.

Finding shoes normally is tough enough, let’s be honest. You look around for a shoe that catches your eye, but it still must fit the best.

That’s why we looked around for the most popular and top-rated wide wrestling shoes to help with your search.

Wide Wrestling Shoes Sizing & Fit

Wide Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling shoes sizing is somewhat inconsistent, and that’s just as true for wide width wrestling shoes.

Wrestling shoes also tend to run smaller, and it’s often recommended to go up a half-size larger than your regular shoe size. This isn’t a rule across the board though so be careful when picking.

Wrestling shoes need to be snug for the best support too. You need good traction without your feet sliding around inside your shoe. Your shoes need to be comfortable, fitting snugly like a sock.

Loose shoes will slow you down, limit your mobility, and increase your risk of injury by providing less support where you need it. However, beginner wrestlers in high school have feet that are still growing. It’s not a bad idea to leave a little growing room for the season.

5 Best Wrestling Shoes For Wide Feet (2022)


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1. Asics Cael V6.0

Editor's Choice




2. Asics JB Elite IV

High Performance




3. Adidas HVC Wrestling

Budget Friendly




4. Asics Split Second 9




5. Adidas Mat Wizard 4




1. Asics Cael V6.0 Wide Wrestling Shoes

Best Wrestling Shoes For Wide Feet (Editor's Choice)

Our pick for the best wide wrestling shoes are the Asics Cael V6.0. They balance a durable construction with an open-air mesh build to provide the best features a wrestler could need.


The upper part of the shoe is constructed of synthetic leather Escaine that provides a strong airflow, keeping your feet cool and dry, without sacrificing any strength in their materials.

Their fit is snug and moves comfortably with your foot, allowing you the all-important flexibility before you’ve set foot in the ring. More so even, these shoes offer fantastic ankle support that will keep your ankles safe and secure throughout the whole season.

With all those features in mind, we need to make a quick note about the sizing. These shoes run small, so to get the best out of these wide wrestling shoes, you may need to go up half a size.


We already mentioned the breathable synthetic leather top to these shoes, but in addition to that, their soles offer fantastic traction. They’re built with a rubber split-sole that keeps perfect traction while offering great flexibility.

The heel and front of the foot are built on Asics's suction cup outsole design, utilizing a balance of leather and rubber for traction on any mat surface. The material throughout the shoe is lightweight and breathable with a mesh lining throughout. This heightens your comfort throughout the match but also offers anti-odor properties to keep your feet and shoes cool and fresh.

The laces are kept with regulation by having an Integrated Lace Garage pocket system to keep them out of the way during matches. The heel even includes an embroidered signature from Cael Sanderson.

  • Synthetic Escaine top is breathable and durable
  • Flexibility that moves with your foot
  • Fantastic traction
  • Non-bulky and lightweight material
  • Great design
  • We didn't find any!

2. Asics JB Elite IV Wide Wrestling Shoes

High Performance

Our pick for high-performance wide wrestling shoes is the Asics Men's JB Elite IV Wrestling Shoes. They’re based on the design specifications of Olympic and world champion wrestler, Jordan Burroughs, and blend technology and style to give you a great look while you make a great show.


These shoes are built with lightweight and durable materials to support your performance with the utmost quality. Their design gives support where it's needed to enhance your potential. The top part of the shoe is constructed of a single mesh layer that's breathable and comfortable.

It'll keep your feet cool and dry with the amazing airflow that provides. The siding is made of a synthetic, flexible material to adhere to your foot. Its tongue design is non-bulky and won't impede your performance on the mat.


These shoes come in a wide array of colors, so you can find any that fit your style. You'll have a lot of flair with the great quality of the product. Their split-sole design is both extreme flexibility while providing perfect traction on the mat. You'll be able to move quickly, confidently, and accurately.

Their lacing system is also fully compliant with competition regulations, as they have a Lace Garage system that holds laces in place while you wrestle. However, their sizing is inconsistent, and it may be necessary to play around with the sizing.

  • Flexible and comfortable design
  • Breathable mesh top offers great airflow
  • Non-bulky tongue and material
  • Integrated lace garage keeps laces out of the way
  • Great selection of styles
  • Sizing is inconsistent

3.Adidas HVC Wrestling Shoe

Budget Friendly

For great shoes that won’t break the bank, we recommend the Adidas Men's HVC Wrestling Shoe. They offer a classic look with the back of Adidas’s rich history of sportsmanship and innovation.


These shoes take Adidas’s classic style that offers strong support and durability. The frame of the shoe is constructed of suede overlays to offer support in addition to a nice appearance. This has the added effect of allowing the wearer to slide across the mat for quick escapes.

The sides are made of lightweight and breathable mesh fabric to keep your feet cool after hours of practice. The amazing ventilation also lowers the amount your feet will sweat while preventing an odor from developing.


These shoes are constructed with a uni-sole that's made of a full-length, soft rubber to maintain flexibility. Its added softness makes it perfect for the mat but don't wear them outside as it’ll quickly wear out the treads. Their multi-directional tread pattern offers great traction to go with its flexibility. The single layer of rubber promotes full mat contact, preventing the risk of slipping.

There is an ankle strap for added support and to secure the laces further. These are higher than most wrestling shoes, offering great support without restricting movement or impeding performance. They are lightweight, though weight is concentrated at the bottom. Their sturdy design also makes them a bit stiff, so it's important to break them in.

  • Sturdy design with a breathable mesh
  • High ankle support offers extra protection
  • Ankle strap tightly secures without impeding movement
  • Thick rubber uni-sole provides great traction
  • Nice colors
  • Weight is concentrated at the sole

4. Asics Split Second 9 Wide Wrestling Shoe

An amazing multi-purpose shoe, the Asics Men's Split Second 9 Wrestling Shoe offers flexibility and comfort. It works amazing for wrestlers, boxers, or martial arts.


These shoes are built to offer the best in both flexibility and traction. You’ll have fantastic maneuverability on the mat with their snug fit. The top is constructed from a breathable, lightweight mesh surrounded by suede and synthetic outer material.

The interior mesh promotes ventilation around the foot, keeping you dry and cool while controlling moisture. Added padding is placed in high-contact areas, like at the base of the shoe’s top and around the heel, to both lessen abrasiveness and maintain structural integrity.

Their design is incredibly lightweight for how sturdy they are. They’re designed with wrestler’s needs in mind to support them throughout their matches. These shoes are a great value, offering great quality while punching above their price point.


The laces on these shoes have an asymmetrical system to ensure a snug, comfortable fit, which is a big plus for wide width wrestling shoes. An integrated lace system is at the front top of the shoe per regulations and to keep your laces out of the way.

The split-sole design provides lightweight flexibility without sacrificing traction. The rubber has an excellent grip under the heel and the toes to allow you to push off while moving quickly or digging in for stability. These shoes run small and may need a larger size for the best comfort.

  • Lightweight and fits like a sock
  • Split-sole offers great traction and flexibility
  • Synthetic mesh upper promotes breathability
  • Asymmetrical lace system for added comfort
  • Not the highest quality

5. Adidas Mat Wizard 4 Wrestling Shoe

A great quality shoe with a lot of value, the Adidas Men's Mat Wizard 4 Wrestling Shoe offers durability and comfort with great support.


These shoes are constructed of a breathable mesh that keeps you cool and comfortable throughout matches. The mesh lining is incredibly soft and wraps around your foot like a glove.

The synthetic overlays add structure to the top of the shoe while protecting the mesh for great longevity. They fit great and provide amazing support for the contours of your foot, as well as your ankle.

Great traction is provided from its full-length outsole that has added build around the back and middle edges of the shoe for increased contact with the mat.

The shoe insole is made from EVA foam and utilizes a wedge-shape to keep your foot secured in an optimally primed position for best performance. The added sturdiness of the sole is stiffer and will require some breaking in.


These shoes are built with an integrated lace garage to keep laces safe and secure while adhering to regulations. Its traditional, symmetrical lace system can be easily adjusted to your preference.

The shoe’s tongue also has added padding and an anatomical shape to keep you comfortable. The high-top of the shoe has textured fabric at the back to allow free movement without sacrificing support.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Insole and anatomical design offer great support
  • Mesh top for breathability
  • Amazing traction

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wide Wrestling Shoes

Wide Width Wrestling Shoes Features


No matter how good a shoe’s design is, its materials need to be up to the task too. Especially with wrestling where your shoes take a beating but also need to keep your feet dry and cool, so you don’t slip on your sweat.

Usually, shoes such as wide CrossFit shoes or wrestling shoes have a synthetic top constructed with breathable mesh to ventilate your foot. Don't compromise on the other materials, either. Investing in shoes built with leather will increase your performance while making strong shoes that'll last you a while.

Starting out, it’s a good bet to try nylon shoes. They’re lightweight and durable without a big cost investment.


You don’t want to be weighed down on the mat. You need to be light and lithe to give your best performance, moving quickly and hitting your stance with ease.

Wrestling shoes, and especially wide wrestling shoes, are designed to balance a lighter weight without sacrificing a durable build. Their materials work hand in hand with that since mesh and nylon are strong enough to offer support without being bulky and heavy.

Lighter shoes are also far more flexible, which fits snugly on your fit and helps your performance by allowing you to move freely and maintain a good grip on the mat.

Ankle Support

Wrestling shoes are made with a high-top design that covers your ankles and offers the best support. After all, you want to keep your ankles safe to prevent injury.

Wrestling is an aggressive, high contact sport. A minor injury can hold you back, a major injury will stop you in your tracks. A good pair of shoes with great ankle support will significantly lower those chances.

You want your shoes to be snug and high enough to cover your ankles. However, you don’t want them to restrict your movements. Flexibility is still massively important. If they’re tight on your first try, they’re probably not the right fit for you.

Lacing System

Your shoe lacing system can also make or break your performance. You don't want loose laces causing you to trip in the middle of a match. There are regulations that shoes must meet for additional protection, but you do still have some options to choose from.

Asymmetrical lace is a design method to help your shoes adhere better to your feet. Our feet don’t distribute weight symmetrically. This design aligns the upper laces symmetrical with the ankle while the lower laces curve with the big toe, allowing extra support around the front of the foot.

Shoes with an integrated lace garage have small pockets at the ankle, either on the sides on in the tongue, that hold your laces and keep them from getting loose.

Final Words

When it comes to the best wrestling shoes for wide feet, we’ve found the Asics Men's Cael V6.0 Wrestling Shoes clearly come out ahead.

Their sturdy design and comfortable fit make them well suited to the needs of any wrestler stepping onto the mat. Their frame balances and incredibly breathable mesh with a synthetic leather outer layer to fully support your foot while providing breathability and comfort.

You get the best of design and performance in a shoe that fits snugly like a glove. They’re an amazing choice for a wide width wrestling shoe.

Our other choices, like the Asics Men's JB Elite IV Wrestling Shoes and Adidas Men's HVC Wrestling Shoe are great picks, as well, and will help you fit all your needs without sacrificing look and comfort.

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