10 Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet (2020) – Wide & Extra Wide Soccer Cleats

Soccer players know how important it is to get cleats that have the right fit, especially when considering the width. If you have wide feet, it is important to get the best soccer cleats for wide feet that work with you.

Getting shoes that are too narrow will not only cause discomfort, but they can affect how well you play. You need to have shoes that move the way that you need them to.

In order to get the right shoes for you, think about your position, your comfort level, and what you really need from your shoes. Here’s what you need to know.

Soccer Cleats Sizing 

Getting the sizing right on your soccer cleats is essential to how well they will work for you.

Generally, you will want your cleats to fit your feet snugly to prevent injury and to get the highest level of performance out of them. Otherwise this is what you need to consider the size itself.

Best soccer cleats for wide feet should fit as snugly as possible without squishing your feet. You should have a gap at the end of the toe of about a quarter of an inch. Soccer cleats are normally narrower than street shoes are, so if you have wider feet, you will need to consider the shape of the shoe as well.

Different brands will have different widths as well. Nike, Adidas, and New Balance are all known for their widths, but you might need to try a couple of different ones to get the right one for you.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

Wide Width Soccer Cleats


The material on your wide soccer cleats makes a huge difference in your overall comfort. Some materials will help wick water while others will have a better stretch. The three most common materials are:

Leather: Has a medium to high stretch, forms to the foot, and is water resistant.

Synthetic: No stretch or break in time. No breathability on the feet.

KnitKnit is low stretch, but naturally forms to the foot.

Soccer Cleats Fit & Size

You will need to try on your soccer cleats before wearing them to play in order to make sure that they fit. Knowing the material that they are made from will help guide you to know how much stretch you can expect.

Your wide soccer cleats should have a snug fit, not causing any discomfort or pain. You need a little extra room at the toe to account for swelling as you run on your feet.

Insole & Outsole

The insole and outsole are also considerations that you should make when shopping for soccer cleats. The insole will determine the comfort level of your feet from the inside of the shoes. Some insoles are cushier while others are harder and meant for stability.

The outsole can be made of a few different types of materials, but really, you should focus on the cleat patterns and shapes to know the type of tread and grip you want.


You should also consider the amount of rigidity and flexibility that you want from your cleats. This will determine how much give your shoes have as you move.

Some players prefer a lot of give, which also can help if you have wider feet, while others prefer stiffer cleats that provide more stability in the foot and ankle. Ideally, you would try on the cleats to get a good sense of which flexibility that is comfortable for you.

10 Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet 2020


Skill Level



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1. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13

Editor's Choice


6.8 oz


2. Adidas Nemeziz 19+ FG

High Performance


8.6 oz


3. Adidas Copa Mundial

Budget Friendly


11.7 oz


4. New Balance Tekela V2

Extra Wide Soccer Cleats


8.8 oz


5. Adidas JR Nemeziz 19.1

For Youth


8.5 oz


6. Nike Mercurial 7 Pro

For Women


7.9 oz


7. Puma Future 4.2

For Beginners


8.8 oz


8. New Balance Furon V5

Extra Wide Soccer Cleats


8.2 oz


9. Nike Phantom VNM Pro


8.3 oz


10. Nike Tiempo Legend 8

Iconic Look


7.4 oz


1. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite CR7 Soccer Cleats

Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best soccer cleats for wide feet are the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite cleats. These cleats were designed for Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest soccer players ever seen, so they are remarkable.


The design of these shoes is fun and more unique. The pattern is a safari print in white, orange, and black, making you really stand out. These are a limited edition as well, called Mercurial. The upper is made out of a soft, Flyknit material that is thicker than most other cleats.


The Mercurial Vapor cleats are intended to be worn by the fastest players on the field. They are lighter and will let you move more swiftly than you could ever imagine.

This is in part due to the 360 degree Flyknit that is used in the upper, which will give you a more plush touch on the ball than other cleats that you might have tried in the past.

The chevron studs are great for accelerating and decelerating quickly during a game, ensuring that you have the fastest feet out on the field.

Add that to the stiff chassis and the podular outsole and you have an extremely responsive sole plate with a kind of traction that can only be referred to as aggressive. No doubt, these are the best cleats for wide feet players who are really in the action.

  • Flyknit upper
  • Chevron studs
  • Stiff Chassis
  • Podular outsole
  • Safari print
  • The plush contact will not work for all players

2. Adidas Nemeziz 19+ FG Soccer Cleats

High Performance Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

If you are after a more high performance soccer cleat that fits wide feet, we recommend the Adidas Nemeziz. These cleats are especially made for explosive acceleration and high speed control.


The design of the Nemeziz cleats includes a split outsole design that flexes with your foot. This helps to reduce the weight put on the shoes, increasing your acceleration abilities.

The design of the Nemeziz cleats was inspired by sport taping, hitting every spot that you need the extra support within your cleat. As a result, they will fit snugly around your feet, like a second skin.


The features for the Nemeziz cleats include agility stud configurations. The studs are placed in such a way that you will have more control over how your feet can move. This will allow you to stop and go smoothly.

These cleats are also laceless, which allows for an adaptive fit. This is especially important if you have wide feet or wear any find of orthotic or insert in your shoe.

  • Laceless for adaptive fit
  • Agility stud configurations
  • Split outsole design
  • Explosive acceleration
  • Inspired by sport taping
  • They do not lockdown as well as other laceless cleats, better for high volume feet

3. Adidas Copa Mundial Wide Soccer Cleats

Budget Friendly

If you need a cleat that is easier on the budget, but still comfortable for wide feet, take a look at the Adidas Copa Mundial cleats. These are a more traditional looking pair of cleats, but they will get the job done well.


The Adidas Copa Mundial cleats have a timeless design that is well-known for the Adidas brand. These come in black with the Adidas signature white stripes down the sides.

They are made out of soft kangaroo leather, which is incredibly comfortable and flexible. There are also extended leather supports from the heel for more stability as well as a leather tongue for added comfort.


The Copa Mundial cleats are made with molded studs, so they will work best on fields that are hard and dry. They will work best on natural fields as well rather than turf. The outsole itself is made out of a dual-density direct-injected polyurethane that will keep your feet as dry as possible.

The stud shape on these cleats is conical with central lacing, which is what you would expect from the majority of soccer cleats. This makes them a good choice, regardless of the position that you play. They are also unisex, so will work for either men or women soccer players.

  • Dual-density direct injected Polyurethane outsole
  • Molded studs
  • Works for hard and dry natural fields
  • Timeless design
  • Made with kangaroo leather
  • They do not hold up as well as other cleats

4. New Balance Tekela V2 Pro FG Wide Soccer Cleats

Extra Wide Soccer Cleats

Some players need a little more room than wide cleats can provide. If this is the case for you, we recommend the New Balance Tekela V2 Pro FG soccer cleats. These are specifically made for extra-wide feet.


The design of the Tekela Pro shoes includes a very low profile, which can be nice if you do not like your cleats to come up too high on your feet. They come with an Ortholite insert with kinetic stitching to increase your overall comfort.

They also come in a blue/green shade, which is not quite as bright as other cleats that we have reviewed. This might be appealing for some players.


The toe-off texture that comes with the Tekela V2 Pro cleats creates an instant off-the-mark explosion. This allows you to not just move quickly, but to move powerfully as well.

These are made with a microfiber upper to help keep your feet dry within the shoes. Combined with the 360 mechanical lockdown, your feet will behave exactly as you want them to, giving you total control over the ball.

  • Ortholite insert
  • Microfiber upper
  • Kinetic stitch
  • Toe-off texture for explosion
  • 360 mechanical lockdown
  • Toebox narrows at the end

5. Adidas Jr Nemeziz 19.1 FG

Wide Soccer Cleats For Youth

Wide feet are not restricted to adults. The best soccer cleats for wide feet in youth sizes are the Adidas Jr Nemeziz cleats. Much like the adult version, these cleats are made for performance.


The design of the Nemeziz JR cleats are much like the senior counterparts, including a split outsole design that flexes with your foot. This helps to reduce the weight put on the shoes, increasing your acceleration abilities.

The Nemeziz Jr cleats were inspired by sport taping, hitting every spot that you need the extra support within your cleat. As a result, they will fit snugly around your feet, like a second skin.


The Nemeziz Jr cleats have some great features, such as their agility stud configurations. The studs on these cleats are placed in such a way that you will have more control over how your feet can move. This will allow you to stop and go smoothly.

The Nemeziz cleats also have a stretchy tension around the laces, which allows for a more personal fit. Having the feet secure will help with fast pivots and quick movements.

  • Tension tape around the lace for custom fit
  • Split outsole for flexibility
  • Agility stud configuration
  • Secure lockdown and ankle stability
  • Explosive acceleration
  • The laces might need to be replaced often

6. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Pro FG Soccer Cleats

Women's Wide Soccer Cleats

The best soccer cleats for women with wide feet are the Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Pro. These are a high performance pair of soccer cleats that will allow you to move quickly with explosive turns.


The design is attractive on the Superfly 7 Pro. They come in a bright blue exterior with white on them, making them fun to wear. The Nikeskin overlay will help get your feet closer to the ball, which is important for high speed maneuvers.

These cleats have been constructed for a second skin feeling, which is done with a 1-piece lining that wraps around your foot.


The Superfly 7 cleats come with a lightweight forefoot plate that has the Nike Aerotrak Zone with micro grooves. It also has angular studs. When these two features combine, you are left with explosive acceleration.

Finally, the cleats also have an All Conditions Control (ACC) finish, which will allow play in both wet and dry weather.

  • Fun blue exterior
  • Engineered for explosive acceleration
  • Angular studs
  • Second skin fit
  • 1-piece lining
  • The lace system does not lock down as securely as other Nike shoes do

7. Puma Future 4.2 Netfit FG/AG Soccer Cleats

For Beginners

Beginners also need cleats that will not only fit their fit, but will work with their skill level. For beginner soccer players who have wide feet, we recommend the Puma Future 4.2 Netfit.


The Future 4.2 cleats come with a lightweight outsole that has been designed with a combination of conical and bladed studs. This design makes it easy to run in quick bursts of speed.

These cleats have a sleeker design, coming in all black, rather than the bright colors you often see with cleats.


One of the features of the Future 4.2 cleats is that there is an additional knitted sock included with the cleats. This is in place to help give a snug fit around the ankle. Having a secure fit will help you change directions quickly without losing speed.

Additionally, the cleats are made to work on either natural grass or work on artificial turf, so you should have a good grip regardless.

  • Conical and bladed studs
  • Netfit and 3D Havoc frame upper
  • Works on either turf or grass
  • Lightweight TPU outsole
  • Additional sock for a better fit
  • Do not fit very anatomically

8. New Balance Furon V5 Colourout FG

Extra Wide Soccer Cleats

Another great pair of wide soccer cleats is the New Balance Furon V5 Colourout cleats. These cleats have several features that allow for a reliable fit on wide feet especially.


These are designed with an all-white exterior. While that might make them a little more traditional, the cleats will have some trouble staying white, especially if you play in natural grass and mud.

The design also includes an inlayed nylon chassis for stiffness and support, helping better stabilize your feet. Having stability will give you less feel of the ground, but it will also allow you to move with more ease.


These cleats have some great features to offer, including a 5-way vacuum form bond, which will help with the feel of the cleats. You will also get a w40way stretch tongue, which will lock down your foot within the shoe.

These cleats have FantomFit technology, which allows them to be as lightweight as possible. The firm ground directional stud combination will allow for quick speed and acceleration as well.

  • 2-way stretch mesh
  • 4-way stretch tongue
  • Engineered for acceleration
  • FantomFit technology
  • Comfortable lower toe spring
  • All-white exterior will be impossible to keep clean

9. Nike Phantom VNM Pro FG

The Nike Phantom VNM Pro cleats are a great choice for players with wide feet who really want a little more power in their game. These are the preferred cleat of Harry Kane and Alex Morgan, proving that these work well for players of all levels.


These cleats come with a bright, fun exterior, which might be a good choice if you would like a little flare in your look. They are a low-cut design as well.

The molding tow on these cleats is a microtexture, which is there to help you have more control over the ball.


These cleats have a lot of great features to take into consideration, such as the ridges on the instep. The ridges are in place to help spin the ball. There is also a firm ground soleplate that will help give you more traction, ideal for tormenting any defenders.

Additionally, these cleats have a HyperReactive plate, which can flex in order to give you multidirectional traction. This allows you to stop and pivot quickly when you need to.

  • Microtexture molding toe
  • HyperReactive plate
  • Ridges on the instep
  • Firm ground soleplate
  • Made for power
  • They only work on firm ground

10. Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Pro FG

Iconic Look

For a more iconic looking pair of wide soccer cleats, take a look at the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 cleats. These are the go-to cleat for elite players like Pique and Ramos.


The iconic design of the Legend 8 Pro cleats is part of what makes them so appealing. The exterior is made with calf leather dyed blue, then molded into a diamond texture. The texture helps with ball control while keeping mud off of your shoes.

Ultimately, these unique shoes are made for players who want a unique design and style, but who also expect their cleats to improve their game.


While the design of the cleats might be what draws you in, the Legend 8 cleats have more to offer, including chevron and conical studs. These will give you stability as well as providing multidirectional traction.

The Legend 8 cleats also come with a Flyknit fit tunnel, which offers a supportive and snug fit, especially around the mid-foot. You will never need to worry about your cleats slipping around your feet.

  • Chevron and conical studs
  • Calf leather
  • Molded diamond texture
  • Supportive, snug fit
  • Repels water and mud

How To Check If I Have Wide Feet?

While it might be easy to assume that you have wide feet, you should confirm that you have wide feet in terms of shoes, including soccer cleats or wide cycling shoes. The distance between the two widest points on your foot is your width.

You can confirm whether you have wide feet by measuring them, but you need to think of a few things first. Your feet will get wider throughout the day, so it is better to measure them after a day of activity rather than in the morning. You will also need to measure them on a flat surface.

Make sure that you are wearing your soccer socks before measuring your feet. You measure by placing a sheet of paper on a flat surface and then stepping on it.

Trace around your foot while you are standing. You might need someone to help you. Then measure the outline and compare it to the size charts.

Different Soccer Cleats Types For Wide Feet

Wide Soccer  Cleats Types
  • Low-Cut Soccer Cleats: Low-cut soccer cleats are normally used by players who want a lightweight fit and to be able to run at high speeds unencumbered. Players who prefer these usually like that there is more freedom around the ankle. These are preferred by both defenders and midfielders who like the more second skin feel from their cleats.

  • Mid-Cut Soccer Cleats: This type of soccer cleats offer a little more stability that you get from the low-cut cleats. They are preferred by defensive backs, wingers, and right backs, since they are more supportive, but still have a high level of manoeuvrability.

  • High-Top Soccer Cleats: High-top soccer cleats come up higher on the ankle than the other types. They offer the most support for lateral movements, which works well for forwards, but most of the other positions are likely to find them too restrictive. Players with wide feet might find them more constrictive.

How to Maintain Wide Soccer Cleats

All soccer cleats need some level of maintenance to get more longevity out of them. You will get more life by following some of these tips:

  • Play on the intended surface. Some shoes are meant for turf, some for natural grass, and even some are for indoors. Use them where they are meant to be used.
  • Have cleats that fit. Your cleats will last longer if you buy them to fit you to begin with.
  • Using more than one pair can help prevent cleat overuse and breakdown.
  • Break them in before using them heavily. This will prevent cracking or other permanent damage.
  • Do not submerge your cleats in water to clean them. Wash the outside with a soft brush or sponge. Never let the soap dry on the shoes.
  • Don’t wear your cleats outside of the field.
  • And finally, never put your cleats in the dryer. It is bad for both the cleats and the dryer.

Final Word

The best soccer cleats for wide feet are the Nike Phantom Vision Elite. These are comfortable enough and have enough room to accommodate wider feet, but also have the performance level that the average soccer player should be able to expect.

If you are looking for a pair of cleats that have an even higher performance level, we recommend the Adidas Nemeziz 19+, which come in both adult and junior sizing.

These have more explosive cleat layouts, but if you are not an aggressive player, you should be happy with the Nike Phantom Vision line. Think about what you need from the cleats to get the best ones for you.

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