7 Best Snowboard Boots For Wide Feet (2022) – Wide Snowboard Boots

If you are a snowboarder who also has wide feet, are you wearing the best snowboard boots for wide feet? Chances are, you might not be.

Wide snowboard boots are not always easy to come by, so you will need to know what you are looking for from your snowboard boot.

Consider the type of boarder you are and what is most comfortable on your feet. If you are uncomfortable, you will never be able to perform as well as you need to.

We have broken down everything that a snowboarder with wide feet should know about getting new boots.

Snowboard Boots Sizing & Fit

Wide Snowboard Boots

Unfortunately, the fit of snowboard boots is not always straightforward. Sometimes, your snowboard shoe size is the same as your regular shoe size, but not always.

Luckily, snowboard boots use mondo-print sizing. Mono-print will list the length of foot that will fit a boot in either centimetres or millimetres. So, a boot that says it has a mondo size of 25cm will fit a foot that is 25cm longs.

When a boot fits right, you should not feel any pressure points. Your toes should touch the end, but not be bent. You should not feel pressure on the top of your feet or around the ankle.

7 Best Snowboard Boots For Wide Feet (2022)


Skill Level



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1. K2 Maysis Wide Boots

Editor's Choice




2. Burton Ruler Wide Boots

High Performance




3. ThirtyTwo Lashed

For Women




4. Ride Lasso Pro




5. Salomon Focus




6. Salomon Dialogue





7. K2 Maysis 2020 Boots




1. K2 Maysis Wide Snowboard Boots

Best Snowboard Boots For Wide Feet (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best snowboard boots for wide feet are the K2 Maysis Wide Snowboard Boots 2021. These are the most recent model of the Maysis boots.


The design of the Maysis 2021 boots includes an articulating cuff, cored ankle pockets, and both internal and external J bars.

They are designed specifically for boarders who have wider feet. There is an intuition control liner that will add to both the comfort and the precision fit of the boot. They are made using the Endo 2.0 construction as well.


These are high performance snowboarding boots. They have an injected heel counter construction that will add both strength and durability while giving you consistent response, season after season. The flex rating on these boots is a 7, making them stiffer than other boots, but not as stiff as they could be.

The lacing system is a H4 Boa Fit System, which is a cable and reel based system that works to create an even tension. The system has a low friction guide for even tightening as well. The Boa Conda Liner Lacing system will allow for liner adjusting, even when you are still wearing your gloves.

  • Double reel Boa system
  • Intuition Control liner
  • Smooth flex
  • Rubber reinforced articulating cuff upper
  • Endo 2.0 construction

2. Burton Ruler Wide Snowboard Boots

High Performance

For a high performance snowboard boot for wide feet, check out the Burton Ruler Wide Snowboard Boots 2020. These have extra forefoot room that really accommodates wide feet.


The Ruler boots are designed with a GripLITE Backstay, which creates a snug interface between the boot and the hogback.

The Backstay is also made out of rubber, which makes it a lighter design than a lot of other snowboarding boots on the market. As a result, you get better energy transfer and will have much less fatigue after wearing them than you would from a heavy boot.


The flex rating on the Ruler boots is a 6, which puts it just about as medium as you can get. It gives you a perfect balance of a quick edge engagement with a more forgiving feel. This is the perfect boot for all-around riders.

The performance of these boots is further enhanced by the precision fit of the tongue, shell, and even the outsole. They will mold around your feet for a completely customized fit and feel.

These boots also have a speed lacing system so you will be able to get them on and off without wasting any time in the process.

  • Extra forefoot room
  • No break-in period
  • Customizable fit
  • Heat moldable liners
  • Medium flex
  • There is not much instep support

3. ThirtyTwo Lashed Wide Snowboard Boots

For Women

The best wide snowboard boots for women are the thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots for 2021. Made with women’s unique feet needs in mind, these boots will fit comfortably.


The design of the Lashed boots includes traditional lacing, which will really help to give you a more supportive fit.

They are also designed with an internal harness that will provide a medium level of support, but also a high level of flexibility and heel hold. The articulated cuff also eliminates shell distortion, so you don’t have to worry about battling that the more you wear them.


Looking at the boot’s performance, you will see that they have a performance rubber outsole that will provide you with a more enhanced grip. The STI Evolution Foam cushioning is also lightweight and will reduce the risk of fatigue after wearing the boots for a long period of time.

The Lashed boots come with a Heel Hold Kit to give you a custom fit. The liner is also heat moldable with dual density intuition foam. This should reduce the amount of time that it takes to break in these boots. The molded footbed should also help with overall comfort.

  • Molded tongue for easier lacing
  • Heel Hold Kit
  • Supportive fit
  • Medium Flex
  • Heat moldable liner
  • Hard to put on with gloves on

4. Ride Lasso Pro Wide Snowboard Boots

Another great pair of wide snowboard boots is the Ride Lasso Pro 2021. These have a sleek design with a lot of great performance features to make them awesome boots to wear.


The Ride Lasso Pro boots are designed with a seamless liner that works with shell integration with every side.

The liner will anatomically shape to match your foot needs, and eliminates the risk of you have to break in the boots before they are comfortable. The construction is In2grated, which creates a lightweight, performance boot, comfortable enough to wear through all your runs.


One of the best performance features that you get with these boots is the Boa Coiler system. This works with an intuition wrap liner to give you even distribution of pressure all around your foot. It also provides you with an even and firm flex. These are made to be responsive boots that really work with the needs of your feet.

The flex rating on these boots is an 8, which means that they are stiff when compared to other boots and are for experienced boarders. These boots also have a speed lace system, so they are easy to put on and take off.

  • Boa Coiler system
  • Intuition Support Liner
  • Anatomical heel hold
  • Seamless comfort
  • Speed Lace System
  • We didn't find any!

5. Salomon Dialogue Focus Wide Snowboard Boots

The Salmon Dialogue Focus boots are another excellent choice for boarders who have wide feet. These are best for freestyle rippers who like to go on all terrain.


The design of the Salomon Dialogue Focus boots includes a quick lacing system that will make it easy to get these boots off and on. It is called a Focus Boa Lacing System.

The boots also are heat moldable to give you a custom fit throughout the entire liner, making sure that you will not get any blisters or suffer any amount of discomfort from the boots.


These boots have a medium flex and are best used by riders who want to be able to go on all types of terrain. They really work for all types of riding styles as well.  The heel grip on these boots will lock your feet in place, giving you better overall control and comfort.

As an added bonus, these boots also have a QuickDry Insole, which is a feature that is exclusive to the Salomon brand. This will speed up the drying process and ensure that your boots will dry quickly after you are done riding.

  • Dual Boa system
  • Full custom fit
  • Quick Lacing system
  • Heel Grip
  • Shock absorbent boot sole
  • Heavier than other boots

6. Salomon Dialogue Wide Snowboard Boots

Another great boot from Salomon is the Dialogue boots. These are a little bit different than the Dialogue Focus boots, so do not confuse them.


The Salomon Dialogue 2021 boots are designed with the ZoneLock Lacing system that will give you a focus on upper and lower sections of the boot.

This will allow the rider to customize the boot’s wrapping support as well, improving the comfort of the boot. There is also an Ortholite C2 footbed, which is a dual-density insole that will mole around your foot, also adding to the comfort of the boot.


The Dialogue 2021 boots have a medium flex that is meant to work well on all types of terrain. They should work for all riding styles as well.

They should work with medium to advanced boarders as well. Adding to the performance of the boots is a heel cage which will lock your heel into position. This will allow the boots to be more of an extension of your leg, giving you better control.

The boots also have a DAMPLite+ Outsole which will give you better grip on your board, while still keeping your feet protected from the snow.

  • Response Liner
  • DAMPLite+ Outsole
  • ZoneLock Lacing
  • Heel Grip
  • Shock absorbent boot sole

7. K2 Maysis Wide Snowboard Boots 2020

The final pair of boots that we are going to recommend for snowboarders with wide feet is the K2 Maysis Wide Snowboard Boots 2020. While we already looked at the 2021 model, the 2020s do have some differences.


The Maysis 2020 boots use a Boa Coiler lacing system, which is a cable and reel system. This will create even tension and easy lacing operation. There are also low friction guides to tighten the laces easily. They are also designed to be incredibly lightweight while still managing to be durable.


Looking at the performance for the K2 Maysis 2020 boots, they have a flex rating of 4, which means that the boots are on the softer side. They are best used by advanced to expert snowboarders who know how to work well with a softer flex. The boots come with a Vibram Pro Light Outsole that combines grip with durability.

The liner inside of the boots is an Intuition SpaceHeater liner. This is designed to keep your feet nice and warm. It includes reflective heat blanket panels that will trap the heat in and keep the cold out, allowing you to focus on the ride.

  • Boa Coiler Lace System
  • EVA Foam Footbed
  • Vibram Pro Light Outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Intuition SpaceHeater

Factors To Consider When Choosing Wide Snowboard Boots

Wide Width Snowboard Boots

Fit & Width

If you have wide feet, you should buy wide snowboard boots. Do not assume that boots will give you enough room, because snowboarding boots will not have the give needed for that.

As for fit, your boots should fit your feet snugly, but not painfully or so tight you feel like you have lost circulation. The heel must lock in as well to prevent your feet from slipping around in the boots.

Lacing System

Another factor to look at with wide snowboarding boots is the lacing system. They are traditional lacing system, which are just regular laces. This works well to make sure the tightness is customized, but they are hard to tie while wearing gloves.

Quick pull laces are a fast alternative and can be done while wearing gloves. They are harder to tighten. The Boa system uses cables that are turned with dials for a custom fit.


The material of the boots also matters. The material is often related t the flex of the boot, so softer materials are used in softer flex boots, but there are other factors as well.

You will want a material that will keep your feet warm as well as dry throughout the ride. You should not feel cold or dampness at all through your boot. You also want to watch out for liners that bunch up after a couple of rides.


You should be able to expect to wear your snowboarding boots for years to come. They should not wear out quickly. The durability often comes from the material that the soles are made out of.

You need to have rubber soles that have a nice grip on the board. The rubber soles should be a good density to promote resilience. A lot of boots are made with foam, which will not hold up for years to come.

Boot Flex & Your Riding Style

The final factor that you should look at is your riding style and the boot flex you need. Soft flex have more comfortable and resilient materials that makes wearing them for a long time easy and are best for all-mountain riders. Finding the most comfortable snowboard boots should not be a problem if you pick the right flex.

Medium combines both mobility and balance and will also work with all-terrain riders. Stiff have the best support and control, so work best for freeriders as well as racers.

How To Break In Snowboard Boots

The way to break in your snowboard boots depends a lot on the type of liner that your boots come with. A stock liner is going to be less pliable than others and require a period of breaking in.

To break them in, you will need to wear them a little bit overtime, gently coaxing the boot to fit. Thermoformable boots will break in after a day or so, simply by the heat from your feet.

Custom moldable liners are when you can use a home method to heat the liner and mold it around your foot. Follow the boot’s instructions exactly so you don’t ruin your boots.

Final Words

When it comes to the best snowboard boots for wide feet, you cannot do much better than the K2 Maysis 2021 boots. These boots work well for all types of terrain and are a nice middle of the road as far as flex and experience of the boarder go. They are incredibly versatile.

If the Maysis 2021 boots do not seem like the right choice, check out the other boots that we have listed for wide feet.

You will need to know what kind of boarder you are first, and then you should be able to make the perfect choice for your snowboarding needs.

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