7 Best Sneakers For Wide Feet (2022) – Wide Sneakers

Sneakers give you a combination of comfort and style, and these days, more people are buying them because of their versatility.

Wearing the best sneakers for wide feet will not only make you look good but also make you feel super comfortable whenever you have them on.

Although they come in very many styles and designs, sadly, not many are made for people with wide feet. Such people often miss out on getting these beautiful shoes or have to make do with regular width shoes that do not fit properly.

We have gone ahead to find the 7 wide sneakers for people with wide feet. Keep reading to find out more about their designs and features.

Wide Width Sneakers Feet Sizing and Fit

Wide Sneakers

One thing most people love about wide sneakers is their ability to make you feel at ease while looking fashionable. If you feel any pain while you have them on, then the main aim of wearing sneakers has been defeated.

Although wide sneakers should feel snug and hug your feet, they should still give your toes enough wiggle room to avoid pain, cramping, and blisters when you wear them for a long time.

Some sneakers can stretch out after being used for a while, and it is common to see people with wide feet buying regular-sized sneakers with the hope that they will stretch out later.

We do not think you should go through all that pain as there are many beautiful wide width sneakers options available for you.

7 Best Sneakers For Wide Feet (2022)





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1. Brooks Ghost 12

Editor's Choice - Men


Wide &
Extra Wide


2. Vionic Agile Lyla

Editor's Choice - Women




3. New Balance 574 V2

Extra Wide Sneakers


Wide &
Extra Wide


4. Vionic Brisk Alma




5. Hoka One Clifton 6

High Performance




6. Asics Gel-Contend 5




7. Hoka One Bondi 6

High Performance




1. Brooks Ghost 12 Men's Wide Sneakers

Best Sneakers For Wide Feet (Editor’s Choice - Men)

Brooks is a top shoe brand that makes the best sneakers for wide feet. Thankfully, wide width sneakers are part of their collection. Their sneakers are sleek and lightweight making it an excellent running shoe.


With this shoe, Brooks puts a lot of effort to make it look beautiful and super easy to use.

These wide sneakers come in several different color options and design patterns with lace-up closure. The front upper has a perforated mesh design while the back is made striped with the brook’s logo on the left.

Also, this shoe's interior is very soft and padded with a plush and soft Achilles dip.


Brooks Ghost 12 has a lot of features that make it a great choice for a person with wide feet, and these features are balanced soft cushioning.

The interior of this shoe is made smooth and balanced all round.

It has a segmented crash pad that makes it the best option for various forms of exercise. No matter how hard your foot hits the ground, you won’t feel the hit because an integrated shock absorber secures it.

The sole is also made from gum rubber, which makes this shoe extremely durable.

  • Has a soft and comfortable interior
  • Available in different colors
  • Has a simple and straightforward lace-up technique
  • Plenty of room for your toes to wiggle
  • They are easy to clean
  • We didn't find any!

2. Vionic Women’s Agile Lyla Wide Sneakers

Best Sneakers For Wide Feet (Editor’s Choice - Women)

The Vionic shoe brand is known for making beautiful, classy, and wide feet shoe options for men and women.

The goal is to make fun and snug wide width sneakers for you, and Vionic prides itself on providing the most supportive shoes ever.


Since the goal is to make snug shoes, it is no surprise that they are designed in such a beautiful way.

This incredible shoe comes in five colors, including black, pink, navy, and grey. It also has a lace-up closure that comes with a different lace color.

They have a zipper detail on one side to add extra beauty to the shoe, and the top is made with breathable mesh fabric while the interior is made to match the color of the laces.

Agile Lyla is versatile and can pass as both walking/workout shoes and also fashion apparel.


For maximum support, the shoe has been given ultimate arch support with a difference for you to enjoy.

The microfiber footbed makes a soft and comfortable landing for your feet and is an excellent option if you have sweaty feet.

It is made with one of the most durable rubber outsoles, making it suitable for use at home and on hard floors. This sole also ensures that you enjoy using this beauty for a more extended period.

  • It is durable and can be used for long periods
  • Multiple design and color options
  • Soft interior
  • Perfect for sweaty feet
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Might require a little breaking in period

3. New Balance 574 V2 Evergreen Sneakers

Extra Wide Sneakers

New Balance is another shoe brand that makes various sports shoes for men and women, and extra wide sneakers are one of the available options.

Men with wide feet can always turn to them to find wide width sneakers that do not just look great but feel good as well.

It gives you that classic and casual look and is suitable for everyday wear as well as sports shoes.


New Balance does not compromise with designs. That is why a lot of thought was put into making this shoe look good. It is available in up to five colors, including black, grey, burgundy, and white.

They are made of a mix of suede and mesh material with intricate stitches that go around the shoe to form a unique and beautiful design.

It also has a lace-up closure and beautiful white and grey multicolored sole. This design can give you a vintage and timeless look.


What makes them a great option for wide feet are the very light materials, making them a perfect choice for long walks.

It has an EVA midsole and heel, which means that it can disperse weight properly and promotes stability when you wear it.

The TPU heel clip makes this shoe last longer as it prevents splitting and breakage when it comes in contact with oil and harsh chemicals.

The sole is made from rubber, making it an excellent option for use during summer.

  • The soft interior makes it painless
  • Multiple color variation and designs
  • It is lightweight
  • Both a sport and fashion shoe
  • Great design
  • This shoe is usually not the best option for a rainy day

4. Vionic Women’s Brisk Alma Wide Sneakers

Vionic makes a second appearance with these Brisk Alma Lace-up sneakers. This shoe is not only comfortable for people with wide feet but is also a multi-purpose shoe that can be worn by ladies for sport or a casual meet up.

Striking a balance between comfort and fashion might be difficult, but these wide sneakers make it look easy.


These shoes can quickly become your favorite because of the designs, which include polka-dotted laces and little splashes of paint on its white sole. The top is made of various design patterns and colors.

It has a loop at the back to help pull up the shoe and make it easier for you to put on. The distinctive stitching around the shoe makes up a beautiful intricate design.

The shoe is also made in an easy slip-on manner that makes wearing and pulling off very easy.


The inclusion of neoprene at the ankle, which provides a soft glove-like fit for the wearer, is such a great feature. You can wear this shoe for an extended period without experiencing any discomfort.

It also has full biomechanical contacts that hug your entire foot properly and provides support while wearing this shoe.

The removable mesh-covered footbed is suitable for sweaty feet, while its rubber outsole ensures that you can use the shoe for a lengthy period without any wear and tear.

Most importantly, it has VIO motion support, which provides ultimate arch support for the wearer.

  • Breathable and lightweight shoe
  • Stylish sneakers that can be used for sports and everyday wear
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Easy to clean and extremely durable
  • Perfect for people with sweaty feet
  • This shoe might run slim and may need some breaking period

5. Hoka One Clifton 6 Wide Sneakers

Hoka One One produces shoes with wide midsoles, so they are an excellent option for people looking for wide feet shoes.

These beautiful wide width sneakers for women can be used for sports and are a superb fit for everyday casual get up.

Another great thing is that there are various size options, and you are allowed to shop for your correct size. There is no need for a break-in period of shopping a size bigger than your standard size.


Hoka One One is made in an attractive design that will endear you to it even before you learn about its specifications.  These beautiful lace-up closure sneakers are available in over nine different colors and designs.

It has a high cushioned maximal sole that is not only excellent for running but is also an aesthetic addition to the overall look of the shoe.

On the sides, there is a crossed embroidery design and zig-zagged laces at the heel of the sneaker.


This is a wide toe box sneaker that makes it comfortable for you to wear them for long periods without your toes cramping.

The interior of this shoe is made with breathable mesh material to promote more effortless airflow, and it is an exceptional fit for sweaty feet.

Also, the overall softness of the material makes you enjoy running without feeling the hardness of the ground, and its outer sole is made of rubber that gives it a good grip and makes it more durable.

  • Breathable mesh insole material
  • Soft and light
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Enough wiggle room for toes
  • Might not be a great fit if you do not like lace-ups

6. Asics Gel-Contend 5 Wide Sneakers

Asics is a shoe brand that makes sports shoes and provides wide feet shoe options.

Their goal is to help reach your destination in style and comfort. They have, therefore, provided this highly fashionable option that crosses between sports and everyday casual wear.


This shoe is designed to be stylish and practical. It is available in multiple color options, including black, grey,  blue, white, and various multi-colored designs.

The top is made with a breathable mesh material overlayed with colored stripes to form an interesting and beautiful design.

This shoe has a lace-up closure where the laces can come in several beautiful colors.


Some exciting features of these shoes include being made of lightweight materials and fabric that makes it an excellent running option.

Its padded tongue collar also helps support the lace and protects your feet.

The rubber sole is lined with high abrasion rubber in specific places to make it very durable and suitable for all surfaces.

Also, Asics Men's interior is lined with breathable lace fabric that allows comfortable airflow and dries up a sweat quickly. The removable footbed is indeed a great addition.

The sneaker is equipped with an orthobed sock liner that gives the foot extra support and makes managing moisture easier.

Most importantly, these beautiful shoes have a laminate midfoot cage that provides extra support for the wearer.

  • Available in up to 9 different colors
  • Soft and comfortable interior
  • Great for people with sweaty feet
  • Enough wiggle room for your toes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Might require a little breaking in period

7. Hoka One Bondi 6 Wide Width Sneakers

Hoka One One makes this list yet again. This brand takes time and significant efforts to make wide feet sneaker options available for men.

The designs and features of this shoe make it an excellent option for everyday casual meetups as well as a great running shoe for wide feet.

With this shoe, style meets practicability and comfort in one go.


One thing you will notice about Nondi 6 is how colorful it is. In truth, you will hardly go anywhere without this piece receiving stares and comments. Also, these wide sneakers are available in various color combinations and designs.

You can go from plain black to blue and yellow or red and steel grey. The sole is designed in multiple colors, and when you buy this shoe, you get sportswear and fashion apparel combined.

The top is made with breathable mesh material with holes that form square designs around the shoe. There are also intricate stitches that go around the shoe, forming a unique design.

It has a lace-up closure and comes with beautiful dual-colored laces.


This running shoe has the interior appropriately cushioned to provide comfort and give you a painless run.

It has engineered mesh construction that allows the entrance of air, making it easier for sweat to dry out.

Bondi 6 has internal heel counters that make the shoes supportive and creates a better fitting. In addition, the outsoles are made from rubber. They can be used for a long period and have no issues coming in contact with water.

  • Soft and comfortable interior
  • Available in different colors and design
  • You do not need to order larger sizes because it is true to size
  • Can be used for sports as well as fashion apparel
  • High quality
  • Might not be a great option if you do not like lace-up shoes

Factors To Consider When Choosing Wide Width Sneakers

Wide Width Sneakers


When buying wide sneakers, you should consider the kind of material it is made from. The best option is usually a breathable mesh that allows air to go into the shoe and dry it out quickly.

Most times, sneakers are used for a sporting activity or worn for long periods with socks, so sweating might be inevitable.

You can also find good wide sneakers in leather because they can stretch over time, making them a great option for wide width sneakers.


Ensure that your toes are not cramped when in these sneakers. If you are going to wear them for a long time, you need enough wiggle room for your toes.

Another thing you should watch for are seamless upper seams that can rub the top of your feet and cause blisters.

Your wide-width sneakers should hug your feet slightly without being too tight or too loose. When they are too loose, the chances of tripping become higher.

Stability And Protection

Ideally, your wide width sneakers should provide you with some level of stability and protection. That is why their interiors need to be padded with soft materials to keep your feet protected from the hits it gets while running.

Watch out for the arch, as it should contour to the shape of your foot.

Also, ensure that the sneakers allow your feet to move around naturally without causing any pain. Hence, the reason you need to get sneakers with the right kind of insoles.


Sneakers ought to cling to any surface without causing you to slip or fall. This is because most wide sneakers are used for sporting activities as well as indoor activities.

You should get sneakers with a good grip if you intend to use them for sports. You can try sliding across the floor to test the traction of your shoes.

Final Words

Being comfortable and stylish in your sneakers just got easier with the above options available for you to choose from.

When it comes to the best sneakers for wide feet, it is easy to agree that Brooks Ghost 12 is the best option for men. This is because all fronts are covered from top-notch design to its breathable material, soft interior, lots of wiggle room for the toes, and durable soles.

For ladies, Vionic Women’s Agile Lyla is the best. This shoe is designed to provide support, as it has ultimate arch support. It is made from breathable material and is excellent for people with sweaty feet. Overall, the shoe is very versatile as it can be used for both sporting activity and fashion.

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