8 Best Skate Shoes For Wide Feet (2022) – Wide Skate Shoes

As a fan of skateboarding, it is necessary to have the right shoes if the need for them arises. Having and wearing the best skate shoes for wide feet puts you at an advantage when going for impromptu skateboarding. 

Often people with wide feet tend to have problems in choosing the right skate shoes and end up going with regular width and skate shoes, which may, in turn, cause problems like injury, and others.

If you have been one of those people having difficulty with finding wide skate shoes, below is a compilation of the 8 best wide skate shoes that will help you in deciding.

Wide Skate Shoes Sizing & Fit

Wide Skate Shoes

Skate shoes are expected to offer stability and give a comfortable feeling so that once you skate round in them, you don’t get heel bruises. The wide and extra-wide skate shoes should be well fitted while also leaving space for ventilation.

The size of your wide skate shoes should be half an inch wider than your normal size so that you can move your toes while in them and because not all shoes can stretch.

There are many available wide skate shoes for you to choose from that are your size, and they can also fit you comfortably.

8 Best Skate Shoes For Wide Feet (2022)


Skill Level



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1. Etnies Kingpin

Editor's Choice




2. DC Court Graffik





3. DC Pure Skate Shoes

Budget Friendly




4. Globe Sabre

Extra Wide Skate Shoes


Extra Wide


5. Etnies Jameson 2 ECO

Design Choice




6. Adidas Seeley




7. Vans Low-Top

Extra Durable




8. Etnies Fader Skate




1. Etnies Kingpin Wide Skate Shoes

Best Skate Shoes For Wide Feet (Editor's Choice)

Kingpin is a classic puffy tongue skateboard shoe as inspired by the past of the Etnies collection. It is a collection of wide skate shoes that offers comfort and durability.

The shoe is built for the future of skateboarding and is made to create functional products that provide the most style, durability, protection, and comfort possible.


Kingpin is cool as it is comfortable, and its simple design makes it even more appealing as it comes in different color options like black, grey charcoal, black gum dark grey, black/charcoal/red, white/navy, and navy/grey/white.

It is 100% leather and has the Etnies logo embedded on the sole and one side, with the interior having a padded tongue and collar.


There have been necessary features put in place for those with wide feet to feel more comfortable. Some of them include the balance it offers, a rubber outsole, and synthetic sole that make the comfort of wearing it more fun and durable.

The sturdy upper is perforated for breathability. It also offers an adjustable lacing heavy-duty padding on the collar and tongue that provides stability.

  • Its interior is soft and comfortable
  • The stability it provides makes it easy to land your most difficult tricks during skateboarding stunts
  • The herringbone-treaded outsole offers superior grip
  • You can use them on the ramps and the street
  • There is enough room for your toes to breathe
  • They usually come in short laces

2. DC Court Graffik Wide Skate Shoes


This is DC’s most popular skate shoe. It comes from the family of DC’s excellent collection of men’s shoes. Court Graffik is a strong contender for the best wide skate shoes as it fits perfectly on the feet.

With DC Men’s Court Graffik, you have the upper hand already as it guarantees and ensures that you don’t get hurt while using them.


This shoe has been designed to offer a pillow of cushioned panels for maximum protection when you are on and off the board. It is made of leather and has laces that can be removed and changed accordingly.

It comes in different colors ranging from black to black/glow, black/grey/white, black/heather grey, black/black/white, white, black/green/white, and many other options to go.

The shoe is made of leather and textile uppers, and it has DC's trademarked pill pattern tread at its back and the tongue.


Court Graffik has a rubber sole for durability with a padded foam tongue and a collar for added comfort & support.

It also has a cup construction with the best vent holes for easy breathability and a lightweight Mesh Tongue.

  • Court Graffik is comfortable. So, fun ensured is while skating
  • The lightweight mesh in its tongue provides support, so it doesn’t come off while wearing it
  • Can be used both on and off the road
  • Durable since it is made of leather and rubber
  • It is made for any kind of skater
  • Its original laces are short

3. DC Men's Pure Skate Shoes

Budget Friendly

DC has got your back when it comes to looking good in a shoe made for your board. And since they are one of the best and most known dealers in wide skate shoes, it is only fair that we look at all the offers they have for us.

DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoe, although quite similar to Court Graffik, has its difference and peculiarities.


With the ample padding through its collar, the durable leather upper, and a grippy rubber sole, this shoe can skate on any board. Also, the distinctive logo detailing by the side only gives you the finish you want, making you look simply elegant.

The upper material is 100% leather with colors that include black, wheat, and white.


The shoe has a rubber sole and an abrasive-resistant sticky rubber outsole with a mesh lining. It also has an enhanced reinforcement on the toe panel.

DC Men’s Pure is made from premium materials that provide the best comfort there is to shoes. It is eye-catchy, durable, and of course, stays firmly on the feet as it gives support for gaps and stair sets.

  • Made from premium materials
  • It is easy to clean
  • Due to the enhanced reinforcement on the toe panel, it delivers better durability
  • Has a reliable ground grip
  • Provides sufficient arch support
  • It could be a bit heavy

4. Globe Sabre Skate Shoes

Extra Wide Skate Shoes

The Globe Men’s Sabre Skate Shoes are from the Globe Brand collection. The shoes are known for comfort and their extra-wide skate shoe sizes.


This shoe is fashionable and very appealing. Its colors are a mixture of red and black, giving it that party vibe, as it can be worn both on and off the tracks. 

Its fabric is leather and a little bit of suede with intricate sewed lines that improve the outlook. The triple-stitched covering also provides a double-layered toecap.


Sabre Skate Shoe provides comfort and support since the integrated tongue, and collar design creates a step-in effect. It is a lightweight with a highly resilient EVA footbed for skate and team styles.

The shoes have soft padding around the back and sides of the heel. Also, they provide enough space for your foot and give a firm grip to your feet.

It also has a rubber sole with shaft measures, a nitrocel airbag sole, and a Globe's S-Trac sole pattern. The Globe’s original midsole with low profile airbag cushioning throughout the arch and heel provides total coverage cushioning, and it protects the sole from massive impacts.

The shoes also come with multiple lacing options.

  • It provides leather and synthetic uppers
  • The toecap is well covered
  • Tuuk LS1 stainless steel runner
  • Easy to lace
  • Easy to lift in
  • The plastic for the air pocket might come off after you have worn them for a long time

5. Etnies Jameson 2 ECO Skateboarding Shoes

Design Choice

This is another brand from the Etnies collection. Jameson 2 ECO Skateboarding Shoe is part of Etnies’ buy a shoe, plant a tree reforestation program.

This shoe is mainly made for skateboarding. It guarantees maximum satisfaction for people with wide feet, and it is one of Etnies’ best selling shoes.

It is pretty hard to get bored while working in these shoes because they provide super easy movement and breathability.


This low-top is stylish and very comfortable, giving it a silhouette kind of look. It provides easy mobility and features an STI lite level 1 footbed and. Also, it showcases the Etnies logo embroidery on the tongue and at the back heel.

Jameson 2 ECO's fabric is textiles, and it is carefully woven seamlessly with color options that include; black/white/gum, brown, black, navy blue, gray, and oxblood.


The upper part of this shoe is made of canvas that is lightweight and comfortable for every foot. Also, it is eco-friendly and has a recycled open-cell PU foam inside with a recycled rubber outside.

The faux Vulc is a cupsole with a thinly padded tongue and collar. The shoelaces are made of recycled plastic material, and its lace type is lace up.

  • Jameson ECO 2 is very versatile
  • Doesn’t let water in easily when it rains
  • Incredibly light
  • Provides a good grip on bike pedals
  • Durable
  • The laces are sometimes fragile; they break pretty fast

6. Adidas Originals Seeley Skate Shoes

Adidas Men’s Seeley Sneaker is designed, so they're ready-to-ride with no wear-in time.  These shoes draw on Adidas Heritage and reimagine it specifically for skateboarding.

With the Seeley, you can skate and do stunts however you want without worrying if your skating shoe size will matter because it is designed to fit every kind of foot, including those with wide skate shoe size.


Seeley Sneaker is made with an abrasion-resistant synthetic suede upper that holds up to your daily park session. While having a textile lining keeps your feet comfortable on or off the board, it also has the closure kind of laces.

The herringbone tread pattern promotes the outlook. The classic 3-Stripes and a linear Trefoil logo give them low-key Adidas style, and these shoes come in colors that range from beige, black, blue, brown, green, grey, purple, red, and white.


It is made with 100% Textile and has a rubber sole that can withstand the most extraordinary stunts and performances. Its cushioning provides the best comfort and durability, not forgetting that the vulcanized outsole gives the skater a firm grip.

Adidas Seeley gives the skateboarder in-shoe support, making it easier to lean back and feel the comfort. It is also built and made to last long, considering its sole, tailoring, and resistance to abrasive materials.

  • Easy to clean
  • Can be worn all round
  • Its style is timeless
  • Light and great for stunts
  • The Adidas Seeley is durable
  • It provides minimal arch support

7. Vans Men's Low-Top Skate Shoes

Extra Durable

This may be regarded as sneakers, but it is also good skateboarding footwear. Vans are good quality shoes. Their rubber soles ensure there is no slipping.

This particular product from the Vans collection is inspired by the Vans Classic Old Skool collection known as the Ward.


This beautifully crafted and well-designed skateboarding shoe is made to suit wide and extra wide shoe sizes. It is made in such a way that those who have wide skate shoe sizes are catered for. The interior is covered in soft layers of meshed synthetic.

The exterior is simply covered in synthetic and neat embroidery attached with the Vans signature side stripe, giving it a simple outlook that appeals to the fashion sense.

The color options range from black, black/mono, suede, golden haze, dewberry, amongst others, and it has a lace-up closure.


This shoe features the best synthetic fabric. It is durable, and the sole is a bit high, making it easy to land stunts without feeling the impact of your sole hitting the ground.

It is a low top collection, and its rubber sole is glued to the upper, and then a layer of foxing tape is wrapped around it. It has a round toe, padded collar for extra comfort, a smooth lining, and a cushioning insole.

The outsole is the very bottom of the shoe that hits the pavement when you land or walk. The outsoles of this Van sneaker are made from SBR (sulfur butadiene rubber), traditional gum rubber, and various other materials.

The upper is made in such a way that it can stay adhered to the foxing and outsole. It also has sock liners that separate the sock from the midsole, thereby providing support and cushioning to the foot.

  • The tongue provides support and flexibility
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides ample support for your heels
  • Can be worn on the tracks and off the tracks
  • It is very durable
  • It doesn’t completely provide arch support

8. Etnies Fader Wide Skate Shoes

Fader is a long-running Etnies style with the trademark Etnies logo integrated into the heel area.

Along with a 300 NBS rubber outsole, it features an egg crate construction in the midsole to add some extra cushion. The extra cushioning then gives way to extra comfort that curtails the pain when you jump or stand for long.


This design is suitable for wide skate shoe sizes. The classic style comes with a die-cut Eva insole, padded tongue, and collar for additional protection and comfort.

It is pretty chic and can be worn by both men and women. The color combination makes it more fashionable, although there are mono colors like white, black, and grey if you will prefer that.

Fader Skate Shoe is suede and has action leather uppers. It has a lace-up closure, so you could change the laces if you want by switching them up with other colors.


The rubber sole accompanies shaft measures that fit approximately low-top from arch. It has a recycled open-cell PU foam insole with an egg-crate midsole construction and a 300 NBS rubber outsole.

Its other features include a padded tongue and a collar for added comfort, then with a round toe design that gives room for moving the toes.

  • It is long-lasting
  • Has a soft and comfortable interior
  • The lace-up technique is simple and easy to fix
  • There are multiple color variations and designs
  • It is lightweight
  • The lace holes might end up breaking after a while

Factors To Consider When Getting Wide Skate Shoes

Wide Width Skate Shoes Features


When opting for wide skate shoes, you should consider the material that the shoe is made from since not all materials are suitable for skating.

Suede and leather are good choices for skate shoes. With their flexibility, you can move on the board. Also, the durability with which they come is enough to deal with the general wear and tear that comes later.

Padding & Protection

For the protection and padding of wide skate shoes, you should consider skating shoes with Cupsoles attached to them.

Cupsoles are soles in a shoe consisting of multiple layers, a solid layer, some cushioning, and a rubber layer sprinkling. Capsules use EVA or TPR cushioning foam, which is placed inside a rubber ‘cup.’

They not only help in the padding of your sole but also help prevent and protect you from injury.


The reinforcements of seams in wide skate shoes should not be neglected because the quality of your skate shoe will depend on its stitching.

Look out for skate shoes that have thorough stitching as it provides extra support in the key areas of your feet. Good skate shoes have about double to triple stitching around the toe box area as well as into the kickflip zones where the impact on your foot will be more significant.

So you should be on the lookout for strong seams and stitches.

Ventilation & Breathability

When choosing wide shoes that allow room for ventilation and breathability, go for lightweight shoes and those that have mesh materials embedded.

Skate shoes that are comfortable and breathable with upper linen, insole, increased ventilation area, internal and external air transmission help keep your feet free.

You may also want to consider those that are grippy and offer an excellent stance once you land. Most importantly, ensure that you take the size that is half an inch bigger than you.

Final Words

The best skate shoes for wide feet are the Etnies Men's Kingpin Skateboarding Shoes. This is because it is comfortable, stable, durable, and leaves room for ventilation and breathability.

Its material is leather, and the seams are triple stitched, as it also provides ample support for skateboarders.

With the above options, being comfortable and staying stylish while skateboarding just got easier.

Remember that these options are also convenient for wearing on a typical day, but if there is an impromptu skateboarding activity, just know that by choosing one of the above, you are covered and ready to skate stylishly.

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