5 Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (2022)

Skating with poorly fitted skates makes it impossible to fully pay attention to the game, causing discomfort and putting you at risk of injury.

Unfortunately, players who have wide feet cannot just make do with any old pair of skates, but they need the best hockey skates for wide feet.

Too often, wide-footed skaters shove their feet into improper skates, resulting in blisters and other injuries.

Instead, you should try to get hockey skates that were made with your feet in mind. From CCM to Bauer, there are great quality hockey skates out there waiting for you.

Hockey skates are not a one-size-fits-all type of equipment. You will need a pair that not only fits your feet, but your width and volume as well.

Think about what you feel like you need from your skates, including your skill level, and you should be able to find the perfect skates to meet your needs.

Hockey Skates Sizing

Hockey skate sizing is not the same as street shoe sizing. While even though street shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand, you should have a general idea of what your shoe size is. With skates, it is not the same size.

Typically, best hockey skates for wide feet run one to two sizes smaller than your street shoe size, but even that can vary depending on model and brand.

To get the right size, you really need to follow a size guide closely. Ideally, you would try on your skates in a store in order to know that your skates fit well. Remember, they should be snug, but not constrictive.

Foot Width & Skate Fit Type

Hockey Skates Width

The width of your foot is only one factor to consider when it comes to sizing wide skates. Some skaters need skates that are just wide in the toe box, whereas others need more volume to the skates.

Fortunately, different brands and models have different widths all around to help you find the perfect pair for your feet.

To begin with, you need to be confident in your skate size. You should get the actual inches of your foot in length and width to be able to adequately match it to a size chart. You can use a ruler to either measure your foot directly, or trace your foot on paper and measure it that way.

CCM and Bauer, two of the major hockey brands, identify the widths using their specific lines of skates.

Looking At CCM’s Widths, The Main Lines Are:

  • Ribcor: Narrow width
  • Jetspeed: Average width
  • Tacks: Average to Wide width

Bauer Has A Similar Setup With Their Lines:

  • Vapor: Narrow width
  • Supreme: Average width
  • Nexus: Average to Wide width

Hockey Skate Widths Are Identified Using A Letter System To Better Help You Shop For Your Needs. They Are:

C / N = Narrow Fit
D/ R = Regular Fit
E / W = Wide Fit
EE = Extra Wide Fit

5 Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (2022)


Skill Level



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1. Bauer Nexus N2900

Editor's Choice


860 grams


2. CCM Super Tacks AS1

High Performance


797 grams


3. Bauer Nexus N2700

Budget Friendly


795 grams


4. Bauer Supreme 2S

For Flat Feet


810 grams


5. CCM JetSpeed FT470


815 grams


1. Bauer Nexus N2900 Ice Hockey Skates

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (Editor's Choice)

For the best hockey skates for wide feet, we suggest the Bauer Nexus N2900. Bauer is a trusted brand and will not disappoint you.                                                                                               


The boot of the N2900 is lightweight so it is easy to move around in and to wear for long periods of time. As far as the outsole goes, the N2900 has a fiber composite with torsional resistance, so you will have the advantage of out-positioning your opponents.

The boot is made up of a 3D injected fiber composite material, giving you an extra element of durability and protection.

Looking at the width, the N2900 is a high-volume skate designed to give you as much power as possible. When it comes to the specifics of your feet, these skates work well with a broad forefoot, high arch, or a deep heel.


These skates are loaded with features. To begin with, the Nexus N2900 come with the Bauer Tuuk LS1 stainless steel runner. The runner has been polished for better performance while keeping you higher up on the ice than other players.

The Tuuk holder has a quick-release system that lets you remove the blades quickly right when you need to, without any type of effort.

When it comes to comfort, you should be happy with these skates. The skates are thermoformable, ensuring that you will get the perfect fit after you bake them. Also, the tongue is made up of a 48oz, 2-piece black felt piece with an upgraded lace bite guard, protecting one of the most vulnerable areas of your foot. The tongue itself is made out of a high-density foam and polyethylene.

  • 3D injected fiber composite material
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder
  • Tuuk LS1 stainless steel runner
  • 48oz, 2-piece tongue with high-density foam
  • Metatarsal insert for reliable foot protection
  • We didn't find any!

2. CCM Super Tacks AS1 Ice Hockey Skates

High Performance

Another great hockey skates for wide feet that are also high performance are the CCM Super Tacks AS1. The whole line of skates is really great for wide feet, but the Super Tacks AS1 are definitely the best of the best.


The design of the Super Tacks AS1 is really made for those with wide feet who have big expectations of their skates. The quarter package height has been raised with these boots in order to give you a natural fit.

The AS1 also comes with a MonoFrame 360 one-piece construction with SpeedCore III technology, helping with the weight and anatomical energy transfers for efficient skating.

The Super Tacks AS1’s runners are designed with a black oxide coating, which helps them to have a long edge life with a low risk of corrosion. There’s also a SpeedBlade 4.0 edge holder with Speed Rib technology. The holder has a unique geometric design that provides maximum energy transfer using the lowest amount of effort on your part.


The OrthoMove Custom Support footbed is just one of the features for the AS1 skates that help you get a personalized comfort. The skates come with both medium and high inserts to also help guide you for the best support level for you.

There is venting throughout the boot will release any extra moisture into the bottom of the boot, which is then exhausted through the vent.

DuraZone abrasion pads are also built to give you enhanced shin guard abrasion protection as well as the Total-Dri Pro liner, which will give you more durability as well as dry feet, preventing blisters and discomfort.

  • Lightweight anatomical energy transfer
  • Total-Dri Pro liner
  • DuraZone abrasion pads
  • OrthoMove Custom Support footbed for personalized comfort
  • MonoFrame 360 one-piece construction
  • Black oxide coating might come off with use

3. Bauer Nexus N2700 Ice Hockey Skates

Budget Friendly

If you are more in the market for wide skates that will work within your budget, we recommend the Bauer Nexus N2700.


Looking at the design of the N2700s, you will find that they have a 3D injected core and Trueform tech PU. From that, you with have a footbed with an anatomical shape, so it can really mold around your feet.

They also have a moisture-wicking microfiber liner with a memory foam ankle pad to keep your feet both comfortable and dry, preventing unnecessary blisters. The tongue is a mid-density two-piece 40 oz felt tongue with extra metatarsal protection against both lace bite and slashes.

They are also designed with ankle pads to give you just a little more comfort and protection. They are not the stiffest skates on the market, so they are not really designed for elite players.


Like we said with the design, the Nexus N2700 skates has a Form-Fit EVA footbed to help keep your foot snug and comfortable in the boot. This will make sure that you do not have any extra room to cause blisters. The injected TPR outsole will give you a moderate amount of stiffness, but not so stiff that a younger player would have any trouble wearing it.

Really, these skates have a lot of features to offer, including the Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder. This has a quick release, so you can change out your blades quickly when you need to without a struggle. The holder also makes you sit up a little bit higher than other skates do.

  • Form-Fit EVA footbed for a custom fit
  • Metatarsal insert for foot protection
  • Mid-density two-piece 40 oz tongue
  • Microfiber lining for dryness
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder
  • They really only work for beginning to intermediate skaters

4. Bauer Supreme 2S Ice Hockey Skates

Best Hockey Skates For Flat Feet

If you are dealing with not just wide feet, but flat feet, there are still skates out there for you. If this is your situation, we suggest the Bauer Supreme 2S skates.


The design of the Bauer Supreme 2S skates includes a boot quarter package that is made with Bauer’s durable 3D Carbon Curv composite material. This material is extremely lightweight and is better performing than many other similar skates.

The skates are made with a lightweight memory foam padding that helps to lock in the skater’s heel, refusing the amount of power lost when striding. There is also high-density foam beneath a layer of durable felt that will give you superior comfort and stability.

Ultimately, these skates are made for elite skates who what professional level performance, but who are also dealing with flat feet and really need that extra layer of stability to be successful on the ice. These are high performance skates that will get the job done.


The feature that you are most likely primarily concerned with when it comes to the Supreme 2S skates is the footbed. The 2S footbed is made with Lock-Fit technology, which gives you a stable fit. While many aggressive players prefer this level of stability, players with flat feet will love it on a different level.

Other important features include the Lightspeed Edge steel holder, which is the most popular holder system on the market. The holder includes a trigger release system so you can swap out your blades within seconds, without the need of any tools.

  • Lock-Fit footbed for stability
  • 3-piece, 48 oz felt tongue
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder
  • Tuuk LS3 stainless steel runners
  • Lightweight composite outsole for torsional stiffness
  • The tongue is not as thick as most other skates

5. CCM Jetspeed FT470 Hockey Skates

Finally, the last pair of wide skates that we will take a look at is the CCM Jetspeed FT470.


The design of the FT470 includes a low-profile fit, with low-volume dimensions. This is ideal for players who have wide feet, but who do not need much in the way of volume from their skates. The skate design also includes a Metaframe technology. This works to give you a solid shape and fit with durable construction.

The FT470 model is not as stiff as many other comparable skates out there on the market, so it will not work well for elite skaters. Regardless, it still gives you a reliable amount of rigidity and should give you adequate skating performance.


These skates have a lot of great features to offer, including the multi-density memory foam. This will mold around your foot to give you a snug and comfortable fit, preventing blisters and not slowing you down.

They are meant to form around your foot completely for a natural fit. The FT470 skates also have smooth contour pads around the collar of the boot, as well as symmetrical ankle padding.

Additionally, you will find that it has Durazone abrasion protection in its microfiber lining, preventing your feet from overheating while also preventing blisters and other injuries.

The FT470 skates also have the SpeedBlade Xchange System holder, which is a feature specific to Bauer.

The holder system makes it simple and faster to swap out your blades in mere seconds, ensuring that you are not wasting any time off the ice when there is a game to play. It works by rolling back a BladeLock dial and removing the blade.

  • Low-profile fit
  • Rocketframe composite for high-level material
  • HD micro-fiber for good resistance
  • Multi-density memory foam
  • SpeedBlade XS holder and runner
  • Not as stiff as competitors

Are Wide Feet Skates And Flat Feet Skates The Same Thing?

Flat Feet Hockey Skates

Though often confused with one another, flat feet and wide feet are not the same thing. Often, people who are working with either flat or wide feet might lean toward the same type of skates, they are not interchangeable terms.

Wide feet are just that: wide. It means that the distance across the widest part of your foot is wider than the average person. The rest of your foot could be completely average.

Meanwhile, flat feet is a medical condition. It occurs when the arches have lost support, resulting in fallen arches or flat feet. These skaters need stiff and stable boots to keep their feet healthy, where people with wide feet just need a wider boot.

Get Your Skates Heat Molded For A Better Fit

Everyone dreads breaking in their hockey boots. It is uncomfortable and it makes them hard to wear for any length of time on the ice.

Of course, the more you skate, the faster they will break in, but working through that discomfort will make you want to be on the ice for less time.

For this reason, it is best if you can get thermoformable skates. That means skates that can be baked in the oven before being custom molded to your own feet. It practically eliminates the break in time and will keep you in the game.

Final Words

Ultimately, if you have been shopping for the best hockey skates for wide feet on the market, you cannot do better than the Bauer Nexus N2900 skates.

Bauer is without a doubt one of the most trusted brands on the market and that is for a reason. They are well-built, last a long time, and, most importantly, they are engineered with such technology to know which boot might work with which player.

The N2900 model is really made with the wide foot consumer in mind, taking into your needs, including both a comfortable design, and powerful features.

You would only opt for a different pair if circumstances warranted it, such as you being a more aggressive skater or if you are on a tight budget.

Also remember that flat and wide feet are not the same thing, so pay attention to your needs and your sizing to get the best hockey skates for you.

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