7 Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet (2022) – Wide & Extra Wide Football Cleats

In order to become the best football player that you can be, you should make sure that you are wearing only the best football cleats for wide feet.

Wide cleats will allow more space around your foot, increasing your overall comfort and performance.

When shopping for football cleats, stick with the brands and models that you know are made to accommodate wide feet, rather than trying to fit in something that is too narrow. You should also look at the material of the cleats, and even the cut of the cleats to find the perfect pair for you.

Football Cleats Sizing 

Having your cleats fit right can be the difference between having a great game and having an awful game. The sizing of football cleats is similar to your street shoe size. This will make most of them easy to size.

Some manufacturers will make the shoes smaller or larger than your regular size, so using a size guide is going to save you a lot of future headache. In order to be sure that you are getting the right size, you should first measure your foot.

You can do this by tracing around your foot while standing on a sheet of paper. You can then measure the tracing and compare it to the size guides provided by the maker.

Trying on the cleats is the best way to get the size right. Best football cleats for wide feet should be snug, not tight. Your toes should not touch the end of the shoes, but should have a small gap.

Things To Consider When Choosing Football Cleats For Wide Feet

Wide Football Cleats Specifications


One big consideration that you should make with football cleats is the type of material that it is made out of.

Leather: Leather is the most traditional material that is also durable and comfortable. Leather costs the most because it holds up better and is procured from animals.

Synthetic: Man-made materials are less breathable and do not form around the foot like leather does. They will not hold up as long, but are less expensive.

Correct Size & Width

If you are a football player with wide feet, you should not try to squeeze your feet in the more narrow traditional fit of football cleats. This will only cause you pain and injury as well as negatively affecting your game.

The size of the cleats also needs to be right. They should be snug and comfortable, but not too tight. You should be able to move your toes within the shoe.

Insole & Outsole

The insole and outsole should also be taken into consideration. The outsole is exterior of the shoe and can come in a range of materials and shapes. You will need to think about the right type of outsole to meet your expectations.

The insole is inside of the shoe. Some players prefer something more comfortable and cushy, while other players like a more stable and sturdy insole. It comes down to needs and preference.

Type (High-Top, Low-Cut, Mid-Cut)

The cut of the football cleat also makes a different. High-top cleats come up above the ankle, low-cut are below the ankle, and mid-cut are at the ankle.

The ones that you need will depend both on your position and your level of comfort. Mid-cuts are definitely the most preferred type and the most versatile, but don’t rule out the other cuts before you have a chance to try them on.

7 Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet (2022)


Skill Level



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1. Under Armour MC

Editor's Choice


Textile & 


2. Nike Alpha Menace



Leather & Synthetic


3. Under Armour Hammer 

Budget Friendly




4. Nike Kids Alpha Menace

For Kids


Leather & Synthetic


5. Adidas Freak X


Textile & Synthetic


6. Nike Force Savage Pro


Textile &


7. Under Armour Lux MC

Extra Wide Football Cleats


Leather & Synthetic


1. Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Football Cleats

Best Football Cleats For Wide Feet (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best football cleats for wide feet is the Under Armour Highlight MC shoes. These are a great all-around football shoe that can work for a variety of positions.


The design of the Highlight football shoe is a high-top design with a high woven upper. It has a form-fitting CompFit ankle construction to give you a snug feel. This will help you have better boost and speed.

The shoes also have a 3D molded tongue which will increase the overall comfort of the shoes while giving you a better fit. The shaft of the shoes measures about 7.5 inches from the arch.


The Highlight football shoes have a wide array of features, including the hot melt frame with a super-high woven upper. This will leave you with comfort as well as stability.

You will also get the high-rebound SuperFoam insole, giving you optimal shock absorption and comfort as well as a full-length TPU cleat plate that is comfortable, durable, and stable.

  • Hot melt frame for stability
  • 3D molded tongue
  • Form-fitting CompFit
  • SuperFoam insole
  • Full-length TPU cleat plate

2. Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats


Another great choice for football players with wide feet is the Nike Alpha Menace Shark cleats.


These football cleats are designed with a medium-top, so it is between a high-top and a low-top. This is especially nice for players who don’t like the restrictive feel of a high-top, but who also want more stability than you can get from a low-top.

They also look much more athletic and stylish than most other football cleat out there, making them fun to wear and to pick out, since they come in a variety of shades.


The Alpha Menace Shark cleats come with a Phylon midsole, which will deliver an aggressive level of traction, making it easy to start and stop easily. The Shark outsole also adds to the fierce amount of traction.

These cleats also come with the Nike Fast Flex technology, which allows the foot to move more naturally within the shoe. They do come in a variety of widths as well.

  • Great combination of leather and synthetic material
  • Phylon midsole for lightweight cushion
  • Shark rubber outsole
  • Nike Fast Flex technology
  • Durable
  • They have a tendency to run small

3. Under Armour Men’s Hammer Mid Rm Football Cleats

Budget Friendly

For a more budget friendly football cleat for wide feet, we recommend the Under Armour Hammer cleats. These are a nice all-around pair of cleats that should work well with a variety of positions.


The Hammer cleats are designed to be as lightweight as well as possible using a streamlined construction. The design offers a supportive fit as well, which can be helpful for players who not only have wide feet, but who also need that added level of stability.

These are also designed as a mid-cut shoe as well, so they are in between high and low-cut football cleats, giving a little more ankle support.


One of the best features that you get from these football cleats is the soft textile tongue that delivers a lightweight and supportive fit. The cleat itself is made from a durable synthetic upper as well, which will last a long while and keep your feet from wet grass.

Additionally, these cleats are rubber molded, which allows for excellent traction on any surface.

  • Rubber molded cleats
  • Die-cut EVA footbed
  • Durable synthetic upper
  • Super traction
  • Soft textile tongue
  • Man-made materials do not allow for breathability

4. Nike Kids Alpha Menace Shark

For Kids

If you are shopping for a child that has wide feet, we suggest the Nike Aids Alpha Menace football cleats. These are youth football cleats with wide width that are high performance and high quality, really allowing your child to develop important technique.


The design of the Alpha Menace Shark cleats is modern and sleek, giving a spin on the more traditional look of football cleats. They are designed with a Phylon midsole as well, which offers some cushion and protection, but does so as lightly as possible.

As a bonus, these cleats don’t just come in black, but in red, blue, and white as well.


One of the best features that your kids will get from these cleats is the Nike Fast Flex, which is exclusive to Nike. This allows the foot to move more naturally within the cleats, giving a better feel to the ground below.

They also come with the Shark rubber outsole, which is in place to give you the best traction possible. The risk of slipping and sliding on the grass is much lower when there is a reliable level of traction.

  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Shark rubber outsole
  • Excellent traction
  • Nike Fast Flex for natural feel
  • Phylon midsole

5. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleats

Another great pair of football cleats for wide feet is the Adidas Freak X football shoes.


The Freak X football cleats are designed with an internal heel and tongue cushion pod, which enhances the lockdown of the foot within the shoe. This will help prevent any slipping within the shoe, eliminating the risk of blisters.

These shoes come in cloud white, collegiate purple, or collegiate blue, so there is some choice in the appearance. They also have heel and tongue cushion pods internally to enhance the lockdown.


The features that you will get from the Adidas Freak X soccer cleats include a Razorframe for superior traction. The Razorframe stiffens and resists pressure as well. Additionally, there is an Ironskin upper that will provide long term durability, extending the life of the cleats themselves.

The Sprintstuds are strategically placed in the forefront of the cleats as well as in the heel, allowing for multidirectional acceleration and traction. It also has heel and tongue tabs for easier entry.

  • Textile and synthetic materials
  • Lightweight
  • Great fit for wide feet
  • Razorframe for superior traction
  • Ironskin upper
  • The synthetic materials are not breathable

6. Nike Men’s Force Savage Pro

For a high-top pair of football cleats for wide feet, we suggest the Nike Force Savage Pro. They are a more classic style of football cleats than some of the others that we have reviewed.


You will notice that the design of the Force Savage Pro is more traditional than other football cleats. This is good for people who prefer that kind of style.

Whether you like them in white, black, or grey, these cleats come in a wide range of hues, allowing you to match your jersey if you wanted to.


These cleats feature internal pads that will cup the heel on both sides, leaving you with a secure and comfortable fit. There is also a foam midsole to add to the cushioning.

The shoes also have a hook and loop ankle strap to help provide a more secure fit. The laces lock in as well, due to a type of webbing that works with it. The strap around the ankle might be a little tight, however.

  • Foam midsole for added cushioning
  • Molding details add durability
  • Hook and loop ankle strap
  • Internal pads cup the heel
  • Locked in laces
  • Tight around the ankle

7. Under Armour Highlight Lux MC Football Cleat

Extra Wide Football Cleats

If you are looking for a more artistic or original pair of football cleats that will fit wide feet, we suggest the Under Armour Highlight Lux. These are more iconic cleats than the majority of others.


The Under Armour Highlight Lux football cleats are without a doubt one of the most unique designs in football cleats that you can get, especially when it comes to wide feet. They come in either blue/white or gold/white.

You will find that the Lux cleats have V56 technology, which is designed to help limit toe hyperextension, something that you won’t find with many other football cleats.


The Lux cleats are full of excellent features, including a 3D molded tongue for unrivalled comfort and a 4D foam footbed for reduced cleat pressure. The footbed will form around the foot, giving optimal comfort.

These cleats have ClutchFit, which wraps around the foot like a second skin, giving you powerful support with an outstanding feel.

  • UA ClutchFit wraps foot in a second skin
  • 3D molded tongue for unrivalled comfort
  • 4D foam footbed for reduced cleat pressure
  • V56 technology to reduce toe hyperextension
  • UA PlasmaX plate

Reasons To Get Football Cleats For Wide Feet

Wide Width Football Cleats

Performance Increase

You are able to move more efficiently on your feet if your cleats fit your feet. If your cleats are squeezing your feet, your will be less focused on the game and more focused on the constriction of your feet.

Cleats that fit will increase the blood flow to your feet, giving you better performance overall. It will also cause your cleats to become an extension of your leg, giving you the best control possible.

Less Risk Of Injury

Wearing shoes that fit your feet will make a world of difference in your gameplay, but reducing the risk of injury for you.

If you think that your shoes are too narrow, you are likely to have a lot of injuries related to your feet, including bruising, aching arches, blisters, and even awkward walking and running. If you are moving differently than is naturally, you are more likely to hurt your body in other ways.

More Comfortable

Finally, wearing cleats that are too narrow are simply going to be too uncomfortable. You are not going to be as engaged in the game and be more miserable playing if your feet hurt the whole time.

Instead, having shoes that are comfortable will allow you to take your feet out of your mind and let you focus better on the game itself. Get shoes that are the right width and you will have a much better time.

Types Of Football Cleats For Wide Feet

  • High-Top: High-tops are usually used by lineman and normally fit wide feet really well. They also have a high amount of ankle support for lateral movements, allowing for the most efficiency possible.

  • Low-Cut: Low-cut football cleats are the lightest of any of the cleats. They are normally made of lightweight materials and offer the most flexibility and comfort overall of any of the cuts.
  • Mid-Cut: Mid-cut cleats are the normal choice of quarterbacks, running backs, defensive backs, and wide receivers. They give more support than low-cut cleats do, but still allow for more movement.

  • Molded Football Cleat: Molded football cleats are typically used on turf rather than grass. This is due to the type of traction that they provide. These cleats are permanently attached.

  • Detachable Football Cleat: Detachable football cleats are versatile and interchangeable. You can use them on any surface since the cleats can simply be changed. Any player can use them in any position.

Can I Use Football Cleats For Wide Feet If I Have Flat Feet?

While flat feet and wide feet are often lumped together, they are not the same thing. People with wide feet have a wider than average distance between the sides of their feet. People with flat feet have a medical condition where the arches of their feet have fallen.

If you have flat feet, you might still choose to wear wider shoes for comfort. You can definitely wear football cleats for wide feet if you have flat feet as well. People with flat feet need more stability with their shoes as well as a width that fits.

Final Words 

The best football cleats for wide feet are the Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Football Shoe. UA makes high quality football cleats.

The Highlight shoes work well with a variety of positions on the field, giving you a great level of comfort with a lot of power and performance as well.

While there might be more unique cleats, such as the Lux cleats, or less expensive cleats, like the Hammer cleats, the Highlight cleats are still the best that you can get overall.

Regardless, when you are shopping for football cleats, make sure that you pick the pair that helps you be the best player you can be.

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