7 Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet (2022) – Wide Cycling Shoes

If you are into cycling, you will definitely want to invest in a great pair of cycling shoes. For athletes with wider feet, this means finding the best cycling shoes for wide feet possible.

But, where can you find wide cycling shoes?

Since so many cycling shoes are made in European sizing, where wide shoes are not as easy to find, it can be difficult to find a pair of wide cycling shoes to fit you comfortable.

In order to be the best cyclist, however, you will need the right shoes. Here’s what you need to know about wide cycling shoes.

Cycling Shoes Sizing & Fit

Wide Cycling Shoes

When it comes to sizing and fit for your cycling shoes, it is important to remember that cycling shoes are meant to be snug, and normally you will want to go down half a size from your normal size.

This is because you need to be able to feel the pedal better and do not need your feet sliding all around inside of the shoes. Also, many cycling shoes are made in Europe which is different sizing than American sizing is as well.

To get the sizing right, especially if you have wide or extra wide feet, you will need to get the right measurements of your feet.

You can measure your feet by standing on a sheet of paper barefoot and having a friend trace an outline of each foot onto the paper. Then, use a ruler to measure the heel to the longest toe and across the widest part of your toebox.

7 Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet (2022)


Skill Level



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1. Fizik R5 Cycling Shoes

Editor's Choice




2. Sidi Dominator 7 SR

High Performance




3. Venzo ARC Delta

Budget Friendly




4. Tommaso Pista

For Women




5. Lake CX301 Shoes





6. Giro Cycling Shoes

Design Choice




7. Five Ten Freerider





1. Fizik R5 Road Wide Cycling Shoe

Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet (Editor's Choice)

The best cycling shoes for wide feet are the Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe. These are made of durable material and are comfortable enough to wear on your next ride.


The design of the R5 shoes is a little bit atypical. The shoes are made with an over curve, which is a type of asymmetrical construction that will allow the shoe to ergonomically conform to the shape of your foot.

They do come in a few different colours, though the most common colour you will find is likely to be white.

The shoes also have a R5 nylon composite outsole that will provide you with a balance of comfort and pedaling efficiency. They are also quite durable.


The Fizik R5 shoes are made to perform on paved roads especially, whether you are looking for a highway, tarmac, or simply a road.

They have a Microtel upper which is a strong and durable material that will leave you with a comfortable and consistent fit. Additionally, the road series was made to give you the most enjoyable riding experience possible.

You will also find that these shoes have a reflective heel cup to make sure that cars on the road have no trouble spotting you. The Boa IP1 closure system of steel lace, nylon guides, and a mechanical reel leaves you with a glove-like feeling.

  • Asymmetrical construction
  • Ergonomic fit
  • R5 nylon composite outside
  • Microtel upper
  • Designed for paved roads
  • Position of the cleats is hard to gauge

2. Sidi Dominator 7 SR Wide Cycling Shoes

High Performance

Perfect high performance cycling shoes for wide feet are the Sidi Dominator 7 SR shoes. The Dominator 7 SR is a comfortable pair of shoes that really can help take your cycling to the next level.


Looking at the design of the Sidi Dominator 7 SR shoes, they first come in a couple of different colours, so you do get to have some choice in that regard.

The shoes are made of a breathable, supple, and durable vented Technomicro microfiber upper. That means that your feet will be able to stay as cool as possible.

They are designed to be off-road, so they will work on dirt roads for mountain biking as well as working on regular paved roads.


There are a lot of great features that come with these shoes, like a Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet. This will make an easy on-bike adjustment with simple incremental tightening and loosening.

You will not have to hop off and go through a lot of trouble in order to get a better fit.

There is also an adjustable soft instep closure system combined with a padded tongue that will take all of the pressure off of the high pressure points of your shoes. They Velcro on these shoes is also considered high security, so it will not slip or give way on you.

  • Adjustable soft instep
  • Padded tongue
  • Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet
  • High security Velcro
  • Breathable
  • We didn't find any!

3. Venzo ARC Delta Wide Width Cycling Shoes

Budget Friendly

You do not need to spend a small fortune in order to get comfortable wide cycling shoes. If you are working within a budget, check out the Venzo ARC Delta Cycling Shoes.

They might not have all of the features as other shoes, but they will do their job well.


The design of the ARC Delta shoes included a three-cleat system that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the pedal you are working with. They are made out of a breathable mesh upper that can help keep your feet dry. When the shoes are wet, they will dry quickly as a result.

These cycling shoes are also designed to be lightweight, so even when your legs are working hard, your feet will not be weighed down.


Probably the best feature that you will get with the Venzo ARC Delta shoes is that they are made for versatility. That means that they will work well on a spin cycle, on the road, or even off-road. They are compatible with Peloton Shimano SPD as well. You can easily get a lot of usage out of them that way.

The shoes also have a removable sock liner, so if you would prefer to wear your own socks with them, you can. Or, as a bonus, you can wash the sock liner after you use them to keep your shoes as clean as possible.

  • Versatile usage
  • Quick drying
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Removable sock liner
  • Flexible forefoot
  • Cleat adjustment is not straightforward

4. Tommaso Pista Women’s Cycling Shoes

For Women

If you are looking for a wide cycling shoe that is designed especially for women, check out the Tommaso Pista shoes. These are made for women specifically, so should fit a woman’s foot better.


The Pista shoes have a pointed toe tip and three hook and lock Velcro straps across the top of your shoe, locking your foot right into place. They have the option for either 2 or 3 bolts with the cleats, so you can easily adjust the cleats to meet the needs of your pedal.

The colour choices for these shoe are also more feminine, ensuring that you can find something that you are comfortable with that will still feel like it was made for your feet.


The Pista shoes have a fiberglass reinforced sole. That provides you with an optimal level of stiffness while maximizing power transfer. That means that you will get the most power with every stroke while not requiring any more energy from you.

The shoes are also made with a ventilated mesh that will help to keep your feet dry and ensure that the shoes will dry in between rides. The durable synthetic leather of the shoes will help give the shoes a long life, so you do not need to think about replacing them anytime soon.

  • Fiberglass reinforced sole
  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Ventilated mesh
  • Hook and lock Velcro straps
  • 2 and 3 bolt compatible cleats
  • They run a little small so pay attention to sizing

5. Lake Men’s CX301 Cycling Shoes


Sometimes we need lighter shoes to perform at our best. If this sounds like you, check out the Lake Men’s CX301 cycling shoes. Not only are they great for wide feet, but they are comfortable as well.


To begin with, these shoes are designed especially to be lightweight. They will not detract from your power or strength, but will still allow you to push through well. They have a BOA L6 closure system that actually helps make the shoes even lighter than they would have been already.

These shoes were designed especially for high-cadence riding, meaning that they are great for spin cycles where you are likely to do a high amount of revolutions a minute.


The Lake CX301 come with a 100% carbon fiber sole. Carbon fiber is made for durability, but is also incredibly light, also helping to keep these shoes as lightweight as possible. They also have a double sole that will provide extra stiffness, maximizing your power, but not increasing the overall weight of the shoe.

The shoes are also incredibly easy to close and tighten. They do fit right away as well, so you will not have to struggle through a break-in period to get the shoes at the right fit for you. There is not a padded insole in these shoes, but that should not be a problem if you are using a spin cycle.

  • Buckle closure
  • Designed for high-cadence riding
  • 100% carbon fiber sole
  • Excellent power transfer
  • BOA L6 closure system
  • Not a cushioned insole

6. Giro Men’s Road Bike Shoes

Great Design

These great looking wide width cycling shoes are lace-up shoes, which is less common in cycling shoes.


The Giro shoes have an injected nylon outsole that will supply you with a lot of power transfer. They do come in a few different colours as well, so you can choose something more suited to your preference.

The lace-up design allows you to really get a customized fit from them, tightening and loosening them where you need to. It is especially nice if you have wide feet.

Part of what makes the design so great is the BOA L6 dial that offers a micro closure adjustment in 1-mm increments. It also has an instant release, so you will not be stuck on you pedals when you are done cycling for the day.


The features of the Giro cycling shoes include a cleat that is universally compatible, so they work with both 2-bolt and 3-bolt pedal/cleat systems. Some systems still might require an adapter in order to get the right positioning.

The shoes also have a die-cut EVA footbed with medium arch support, which will give you more cushioning than you could get from other cycling shoes. The microfiber and mesh upper also keeps your feet dry and cool.

  • Comes in a lot of colour choices
  • Easy fit and adjustment
  • Injected nylon outsole
  • Molded heels
  • Universal cleat compatible
  • Bumper is not replaceable

7. Five Ten Freerider Promountain Bike Shoes

MTB Shoes

The last cycling shoe that we will look at for wide feet is the Five Ten Freerider Promountain Bike Shoe. These are excellent for mountain biking and still very comfortable for wider feet.


The design for the Freerider Promountain shoes looks more like a sneaker than a cycling shoe. What separates these shoes from the other cycling shoes that we have looked at is the design does not include any cleats. This is appropriate for mountain biking, where cleats are not the norm.

They do have a lace-up closure as well as an impact-resistance Poron toebox, which is nice for any kind of heavy riding while relieving pressure off your toe.


The features for the Freerider Promountain shoes include a fast-drying synthetic upper with a textile lining. This means that your feet should not be pooled in sweat while you are riding and the shoes themselves should dry pretty quickly after your ride.

They also have a medium-flex molded EVA midsole which can enhance both your performance and your comfort.

Additionally, these shoes have Ortholite sockliner to help in your overall comfort while you are riding and allow you to choose not to wear socks if that is a more comfortable option for you. There is also a Stealth S1 rubber outsole that will help you better grip the pedals during your ride.

  • Lace closure
  • Medium-flex molded EVA midsole
  • Ortholite sockliner
  • Impact-resistance Poron toebox
  • Fast-drying synthetic upper
  • We didn't find any!

Wide Cycling Shoes vs. High-Volume Shoes 

Unfortunately, cycling shoes by nature are narrow. That is their design, which makes it incredibly hard for cyclists who have wide feet to find a good pair of shoes.

There is a different between wide shoes and high-volume shoes, however, so do not assume they are the same thing.

When we refer to width, we are talking about the space your feet take up from side to side. The toebox is the widest part of your foot.

Volume is referring to more the thickness of your feet. People with wide feet do not necessary have high-volume feet. The right shoe for you will come down to the shape as well as the width. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Wide Cycling Shoes

Wide Width Cycling Shoes

Shoe Style

The first consideration that you should make when shopping for wide cycling shoes is the style of the shoe. There are many forms of cycling out in the world, so the style of shoe that you have should align with the type of cycling you do.

A spin cycle shoe will need cleats that can align with a machine while a road shoe will need to have cleats that work with a bike’s pedals.


Another factor to think about with your cycling shoes is the material. When you are cycling, your feet are going to get hot. The harder you cycle, the hotter your feet get. Not only do overheated feet get friction blisters, but they can also develop athlete’s foot.

The best solution is to get a pair of shoes that have a breathable mesh that will allow the shoes to stay dry on your feet and dry quickly after your ride.

Sole & Arch Support

When it comes to sole and arch support, there is a lot involved that comes down to personal preference. We all need different levels of support for comfort and performance, so you will need to think about what works well for you.

With soles, you will want a lightweight material to prevent your legs from becoming fatigued through exertion. You might need to try on a couple of pairs to see what works for you.


As we mentioned above, the material that your sole is made out of can affect the weight of your shoe. There are other factors as well that affect weight including the material that the shoe is made from and even the material of the cleats.

You should not go with a heavy shoe that will result in more fatigue if you can avoid it. Weight can really make or break your workout.

Final Word

When it comes to finding the best cycling shoes for wide feet, we have found that the Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoes are the clear winner.

They have an ergonomic fit that makes them more of an extension of your leg rather than a separate shoe. They also were made to work on paved roads and will give you the best riding experience possible.

While there are other cycling shoes for wide feet that might work better for you, such as the Sidi Dominator 7 SR or the Venzo Cycling Shoes, you will need to think about what kind of cycling you are doing in order to make the right choice for you.

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