Bauer And CCM Wide Skate Lines

Both Bauer and CCM have shown that they make hockey skates with high levels of quality and performance. This also extends to the wider width hockey skates that are on the market. 

They both have various lines on the market, but the lines that accommodate wider feet the best are the Bauer Nexus and CCM Super Tacks. This is what you need to know about them.

Bauer Nexus

The Bauer Nexus skates are really the most accommodating hockey skates for wide feet. The Bauer Supreme skates are more the middle of the road fit of skates, though some players with only slightly wide feet might find them comfortable.

The Nexus line, however, is made to give you the extra room that you need for a more comfortable fit.


  • These are some of the widest hockey skates that you can buy. They really went the extra mile to add the extra space for your feet.
  • They are thermoformable. Don’t forget that you can bake these skates to get them to fit better.
  • They have the Bauer Tuuk technology in their runners and edge holders. These make it easier to change out your blades quickly.
  • The tongue is 48 ounces and accommodates the extra width at the top of the foot. This will give you a little more protection and comfort.


  • They are reported to be a little bit boxy when compared to other hockey skates, but if you have a square toe, you might like the extra space that is given with the Nexus skates.

CCM Super Tacks

CCM Super Tacks AS1 skates are especially accommodating when it comes to wide feet. They have a one-piece boot frame with an anatomical heel-lock, preventing slippage and giving you better support. The construction is also unique, eliminating any need for an outsole.


  • They have a stiff outsole for better support and are also thermoformable.
  • Super Tacks have the highest amount of boot volume of any other of the CCM lines.
  • These skates are much lighter than their Bauer counterparts. They also allow for a lightweight anatomical energy transfer to improve your performance.
  • Super Tacks uses the Total-Dri Pro liner as well, which will help keep your feet as dry as possible from within your skates. That can be helpful in preventing your feet from overheating.


  • The latest generation of Super Tacks skates is narrower and fits more snugly than its predecessor. While this might not be a problem for some skaters with wide feet, if you really have wider feet, they might be a little too snug for your own comfort.

Baking Your Skates

A key piece of information besides getting the right size that you need to think about when it comes to your hockey skates is that the best brands, such as CCM and Bauer, allow you to bake your skates. 

This option means that instead of trying to break in skates that are a little too snug for weeks, you can simply bake your skates and have them molded to fit perfectly around your feet.

Ideally, you would have a professional bake your skates for you, but it can be done at home as well.

Regardless, if your skates are thermoformable and are a little too snug for your comfort, baking them will give you the extra room that you need for a great fit. If your feet are on the border of being too wide, baking the skates might just be the right answer to help you out.

Which Is Better?

When it comes down to it, both skate lines are quality and great choices. One really isn’t better than the other. Bauer Nexus skates have the extra bit of width that the CCM Super Tacks used to give, but no longer give, making them a great choice for the widest feet.

If you have wide feet, but they are not extra-wide, you should be able to work with the CCM Super Tacks skates, as long as they have been properly baked before you try to skate with them.

It all comes down to personal preference. Regardless of which brand or line you choose, make sure that your skates fit your feet well and are comfortable.

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