5 Rules For Finding The Perfect Wide Calf Cowboy Boots For Women

Having wide calves is incredibly common. Unfortunately, many cowboy boot makers seemed to miss the memo.

Considering the amount of women who have muscular calves, you would think that finding wide calf cowboy boots would be simple, but it’s not. There are many factors that you can take into consideration.

Many women often associate their legs with big calves, even though it might be really be the case. If someone assumes that they have wide calves, but they really don’t, cowboy boots might not be able to stay up on the leg.

Otherwise, there are a few things that you should really take into consideration when shopping for the most perfect pair of cowboy boots.

Here are some rules to help you find the perfect wide calf cowboy boots for your needs.

5 Tips For Finding Wide Calf Cowboy Boots

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How Big Are Your Calves?

The first rule is to know the actual size of your calves. You can find this out by measuring the circumference of your calf. Sitting in a chair, bend a leg to 90 degrees.

Then use a tape measure and measure the widest part of your calf and get some ideas on which boots will specifically help out your individual boot selection. When you are measuring, make sure that you are wearing anything that will inevitably go inside of the boots.

If you wear leggings and will wear them with boots, make sure the boots are as comfortable as you need them to be.

Consider The Quality

The quality of the boots that you are getting can be the difference between comfortable boots that last awhile and boots that fall to pieces quickly.

Cheaper, ill-made boots are not only going to be hard to wear for any length of time, but they are also likely to be made up of less forgiving material. You want to look for boots that are made out of leather, if possible, since they will fit around your calf comfortable.

Comfort Is Important

The comfort of your boots should far exceed the boots’ cuteness. Even if you can squeeze your calves into a pair of narrow riding boots, you are not going to want to wear them for very long.

Make sure that your boots are as comfortable as possible. When trying on your boots, make sure that you a

Know The Return Policy

This might seem a little silly, but you really should make sure you know what the return policy is on your boots before you commit to them. This is just in case the wide widths boots are not really going work out and you have to try on something else.

Read the fine print as well so you know who to call if your boots start falling apart on you or if they simply do not fit very well.

Don’t Give Up

If you are feeling frustrated that you have not found the perfect wide calf cowboy boots that fit you well and can be worn for a long time, don’t despair. There are plenty of companies out there making wide calf cowboy boots, so we know that they are out there waiting for you.

It might be easier to feel discouraged when something doesn’t fit, but that is not a good enough reason to stop looking. Persistence is the best way to find the perfect wide calf cowboy boots.

Cowboy boots are always in style. Once you get a pair that you really like, make sure to wear them as much as possible. You deserve to have the most-comfortable and best-looking boots on, especially a pair that fits your wide feet without any kind of headache.

If you haven’t found the perfect pair for you yet, remember that there are plenty of styles out there, just waiting for you to try them on and take them home.

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